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Sailng on Windwanderer.
No Photos 17th Jul 2012
Tuesday 17 July 2012

Tuesday 17 July 2012
Well we have our first official crew coming in a few days so I have been busy trying to get things neat and tidy which is almost impossible around here, it just seems like a bomb has gone off all the time, nothing has it's own place and u can't find anything, it drives me crazy or should I say drives us to drink...hahaha
No not really but we do enjoy a few cocktails every night, they have left us with a supply of alcohol, that the captain said would last years... He really doesn't know me that well
So I have been trying out different drinks each night, I down loaded an app for cocktails and am trying to work through it, at the moment we keep going back to piña coladas, our style.
Oh and those of u who really know me it is sad to say there was only half a bottle of tequila on here and it was such a nice drop, pity the captain didn't get to try it...hahaha
Talking about drinks a new yacht sailed in here yesterday with a solo sailer so vic jumps in the dingy bailed out first of cause, and went over to greet him, which resulted in being invited over for happy hour, at first I didn't want to go, yeah I know me missing drinks but I was tired after cleaning in this heat all day and I also had to make up the v berth on the boat for our new guest, man that was hard try making a bed on all fours in extreme heat and it's in the shape of a triangle....:-/
Sure was a man who designed boats...cause there is no way in hell they would make up a bed like that.
So getting back to happy hour, I did go with the captain over to the new boat what a nice guy, retired and just sailing around all by himself happy as can be, and oh so loves to talk...between him and the captain I had no hope.
He made the most amazing cocktails well after the first few they where amazing...hahaha just joking,  Frank's Rum punch ... Pineapple, Mango, very strong dark rum with a sprinkle of nutmeg. very very nice.
Will be trying these ourselves tomorrow night.
So after a few drinks and some crazy stories it starts to rain, and I was keeping an eye on the time cause I wanted to ring my girl back home in her lunch hour, which did not work out. :-(
Maybe tomorrow Bek?
So us racing back in our water logged dingy in the rain as we had all the hatches open, which is such a pain u race around like crazy closing them all and the rain last about five minutes, really, happens all the time but if u don't close them your gonna be sleeping in a wet bed for sure that night.
So dramas u bet, we have to run the generator and water maker every morning and night to charge up the batteries and make water of cause, so Vic turns it on and it stops...far out here we go again.
So after getting back on board feeling mellow laughing after having such a nice time well that stops too.
So up come all the floor boards torches the captain in the bilges, trying to work out why it stopped, and there is a light flashing on the thing, so hunt around for the Manuel, find it and count the blinks, now u gotta understand we have been drinking Frank,s rum punch as well, so we are almost sure the blinks where three blinks stop three blinks stop, so read the Manuel three blinks means not enough water getting in, ok the captain takes off the filter cleans it checks the water flow nope not that maybe it was four blinks or could it of been five...hahaha
Should really not laugh here as it is not fixed, and the captain is oh so not laughing, so we have to run the motor which u have to close all the back hatches as the fumes come in so bad that there would be no Way u could of slept in there tonight if we didn't.
So tomorrow the poor captain will have to spend a good part of the day pulling it all apart and hoping it can be fixed.
And we did managed to get most of the safety gear fixed and in place for easy reach in case we ever need it.
Well tomorrow is another day.

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