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Sailng on Windwanderer.
No Photos 26th Jul 2012
Saturday 21 July 2012

Saturday 21 July 2012

Well we set off around 11am, was I scared u bet, had no idea what we would be in for but it is not too bad, not great but bearable. 
I took some seasick pills before we took off which helped, although I still feel a bit queasy, 
We spend most of the time in the cockpit anyway so that makes u feel better.
But man we rock and roll like crazy I thought I had bruises before u should see them now.
It's the strangest thing being out here surrounded by nothing but water, we get gently swells and the boat just rocks from side to side ever so gently, then u get the big mumas, and man I think we are going to roll right over...those I hate.

I have decided to write my journal a bit different than just daily while we are out here as we are working in shifts so I thought each shift I do, I'll write up what is happening, as so much goes on and I'll just forget.

We have worked out a roster the boys have three hour and I have a two hour shifts, as I'm galley slave and cook, although I mainly just cook dinner at night and everyone fends for themselves for breakfast and lunch.

My shifts are 7am to 9am, 3pm to 5pm and 11pm to 1am. The boys are being real nice to me as I know nothing so they spend it with me I follow Tom so he sleeps beside me on the daybed for an hour just in case I'm concerned and then he goes  and wakes up Vic then Tom gets to bed and Vic comes up and spends the second hour of my shift asleep beside me.
So I'm not alone but I do keep watch by myself but they are there if I need them, and in case something major happens then we are all on watch.

Shift 1

My first shift, god was I scared the poor Guys did not get much sleep, there is not a huge amount to do, we just have four sails up and the auto pilot on, so every now and then the wind will shift so u need to adjust the auto pilot sounds easy well no, i'm sitting here sails flapping all over the place trying to remember which direction I need to adjust to and had no idea, so Tom jumps up in a few seconds he has it all under control. Then u have to look at the nav thingy and make sure we are on coarse and every ten minutes or so just stand up and check all around for boats.
So easy.... Oh and the boat goes so far over with the rolls of waves u gotta hang on tight as well.
So I sitting here checking every minute..hahaha and think I see heaps of boats but it's just ur imagination, but hey I survived it and all I saw was a wood railing float past. But was so so glad it was over was almost in tears it really stressed me out heaps.

Shift 2

Here we go again, now it's dark, this sounds really scary but in fact I like it better as u can't see the waves....hahaha
And the stars Omg....there is so many and they are so bright...I can't even begin to describe how they look.
Tom settles in for a sleep and tells me to keep a watch out for the clouds behind me, as there is a bit of lightning and if the stars start to disappear to wake him and then the same with any lights, (ships)....  :-/
Now I'm like standing up almost the whole time scanning the horizon for lights and looking up at the stars constantly, talk about stressful.
Then I spot lights Omg I better wake Tom, he opens one eye leans over the edge takes a look, yeah it's fine, tells me to wake him when it gets closer than starts snoring again.
I'm sitting here stressing as he didn't tell me how close, how close does it have to be? I don't know have no idea, is it ten,  five two miles.....nope nothing nada
So stress levels are roaring, am. Scanning, watching clouds and now have the binoculars out looking at the lights as well.
Then I see a glow in the distance so am scanning, watching clouds, binoculars on lights and watching a glow.
Far out it has just came into view it's another ship...I think I may just have a stroke at this point.
So am scanning, watching clouds, and the binoculars going back and forth from one set of lights to the other, look to my left and there is too more sets of lights.....far out its a freaking highway out here.
Well that's just way too much for me to handle, I tap Tom on the shoulder race down and wake up Vic, race back up again and we all sit for awhile Scanning, watching clouds, and now four boats,we decide to change coarse a little as one was getting a bit close, then Tom goes off to bed.
My shift ends and I stay up with Vic for awhile as I'm curious about the 2nd ship as it looks real big to me, I think a cargo vessel the boys are thinking fishing vessel.
But in the end I'm just too tired so give in and go down to try and sleep.

Well tomorrow is another day night not so sure out here....hahaha

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