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Sailng on Windwanderer.
No Photos 26th Jul 2012
Sunday 22 July 2012

Sunday 22 July 2012

Well it's 7am my shift

I quickly Make two cups of coffee, as I won't be able to for another two hours.
So Tom greets me with a dead flying fish...our first one this happens a lot out here they get chased by something and they take off and sometimes their aim is not so good and they land on deck and die.
Then I saw my first pod of dolphins they were small compared to the ones back home but still playful and jumping all around the boat, other than that not much happened, my shift went without any trouble and the ocean was quite calm, which was nice or a change.

3pm my shift

This is another easy one as everyone is awake and not a Great deal is happening, Tom gets tired and decides to go have a sleep.
We get very tired out here even though u don,t do much u are constantly moving so u are getting the best workout ever, u gym junkies out there go buy a boat and set sail man every muscle in ur body gets worked, even when u sleep.
Then the wind decides to pick up from nowhere we are going at a racing pace a bird tries to land on us twice then gives up and flys away.
There is a ship behind us as well that I'm keeping an eye on, in the daytime it seems so much easier.
Well that's it my shift done and dusted now I'm going to try and cook dinner.

My shift 11pm

Ok well that was a drama cooking dinner man felt like a five hour marathon, but I managed to make a vegie type pie, and it worked out quite well, then I took over Tom's shift, while he went down and made rum bananas they were great.
There have been a few ships around tonight we saw our first cruise liner which was pretty cool.
We had to change directions as the way we were heading we would of ran right over the middle of Cuba, we knew this had to happen, but we put it off as long as possible cause we were riding the current and that made us go a bit faster.
So at about 11.30 I go wake up the captain and they turn the boat and now we are back on coarse but it makes for such a bumpy ride all night long was not nice.
Well my shift is over and I'm so tired, just hope I can get a bit of sleep.

Well tomorrow is another day.

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