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Sailng on Windwanderer.
No Photos 26th Jul 2012
Tuesday 24 July 2012

Tuesday 24 July 2012

My shift 7am

Well I woke up with a start, all is quiet no wind we are not moving, to me this is a huge relief.
But not so good really as we need to keep moving, if we had the motor we would of just started that and kept on going.
How do I feel today?
A lot better than last night that's for sure.
Ok  the wind has just picked up a fair bit now which is good as we are moving again.
We just had a cruise liner go past, man those things are big, it got quite close and with binoculars I could make out the name, it's called the Legend.
Well that's me done shift over think I may just go have another sleep.

My shift 3pm

Another shift, it is so calm out here now, its crazy how quick the weather changes.
We are right at this moment hardly even moving, and it's hot again.
We just watched a huge car carrier go past and had a little chat with them on the radio and got the latest weather report, the good thing is the big storm that was coming our way in four days has dropped off to nothing thank god.
But we still need to get to America ASAP, as it's dangerous out here with out a motor.
Well we have now tacked and are making waves again, so at the moment we are heading for Key West, will see how the wind blows.
Oh and we were just visited by three very large pelicans....can u believe it am not sure why they are way out here in the middle of nowhere.
Well my shift is over done and dusted. 

My shift 11pm

Man I'm tired, we are going along a steady pace, which is good. The pelicans have visited us three or four more times, they fly real close than land in the water next to us and just stare at kinda creepy.
We have come to the conclusion that they must think we are a fishing vessel , and are waiting for some free food.
I have watched two ships go past at a fare distant so no worries there at all.
We have got the radar working now so that makes life a lot easier, I can see both ships on the radar right now, they are about eight  nautical miles away that's good.
You still need to get up and scan the horizon just in case but not as much as before.
The boys are both up here at the moment both snoring away, not sure who snores the loudest I think Tom is winning this one at the moment,  they are kinda almost making
At the end of my shift we are changing directions again so while they wait they sleep.
I have to say even though it's only been four days it's taking it's toll and we are all starting to feel the strain, none of us are getting any decent sleep,  so we all fall asleep any chance we get.
Well it's time to wake these sleeping beauty's up.

Well tomorrow is another day.

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