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Sailng on Windwanderer.
No Photos 5th Aug 2012
Saturday 4 August 2012

Saturday 4 August 2012

Well we are out in the ocean again, there's hardly a breath of air, and dead calm. We have not even put up the sails yet, as we are just motoring.

Man it was hard going as we left key west, we were told yesterday that,  they had just set out four hundred thousand lobster pots....and we had to dodge and go around almost all of them, was shocking the captain was on the wheel and us three were look outs calling directions, u really don't want to run over one of those, they wil
 Get caught up in the prop shaft real quick.

So as there is four of us at the moment we are all having two hour shifts, with the boys sharing an our each with us girls. But it should work out ok I hope.

My shift 12pm 

Well not a great deal is happening, calm seas a few fishing boats, water and clouds...haha that's it.
I'm keeping a close watch on the wind as I prefer to sail, than have the motor running, it's just so much more peaceful.
Well that's me done and dusted.

My shift 8pm

Well so far all shifts are going good we are now motor sailing, have a bit of wind just not enough, we did managed to sail for a little while without the motor but then the wind just died right off again.
We were visited by the U.S coast guard, a few hours ago two of them even came aboard to check all our papers, yeah I know out here in the middle of the ocean no land in sight...go figure.
But we all passed with flying colors, other than that a few ships, and nothing else, happened.
Well that's me done I now have to go clean the galley after cooking dinner earlier.

Well tomorrow is another day.

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