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Sailng on Windwanderer.
No Photos 10th Aug 2012
Tuesday 07 August 2012

Tuesday 07 August 2012

Well we are out here again.
We set sail around 5pm yesterday, after trying to get back out through the channel, then we faced that dreaded bridge again.
Man it's so close I swear, we only make it by inches. Or centimeter's, I think we have been in America too long, as it is so easy just to go back to the old ways of feet and inches, also when talking boats it's always in feet.
Yeah even America itself thinks we ave been here to
 So we had a bit of a rough night, the wind was changing all the time, so we are constantly 
Adjusting sails,  putting them up and down, wind so strong the sails getting tangled, sometimes coming off the track, oh and the rain, man we got wet.

7am my shift

After a very small amount of sleep and two cups of coffee, my eyes are open and its looking like a beautiful day.
There is just a gentle breeze enough to keep the sails happy and we are cruising at a good speed, but we have had the motor going the whole time as well.
I'm up here by  myself now as the boys are so tired, they were both awake with me last night, to help cope with the wind.
We had a real messy section no matter how I tried to adjust the sails she was not happy.
Can you believe it not only do I adjust the direction on the auto pilot, I'm now adjusting sails.
I'll be sailing this beast single handed soon...hahaha
Even though they decided to leave me here all alone on this huge ship, in the middle of the ocean, waves, wind, rain,... :-(  actually it was not so bad and the boys are close, just downstairs so I can yell out if I need them.
Well that's my shift done and dusted

3pm my shift

Well we sure are wasted, if we are not on a shift we all are just sleeping, last night took a lot out of us.
Anyway today has been smooth sailing, still with the motor running as we don't have a huge amount of wind.
It's almost to the point of boring, as I think we have only spotted two ships all day, and nothing else, u think a whale or something would at least pop up beside us, would be so cool.
Anyway that's me done and dusted, time to go have another little sleep than cook some dinner.

My shift 11pm 

This is the hardest shift of all, as I'm always so tired this time of night.
The wind has picked up a fair bit and we only have two sails out at the moment, why I not sure the guys say something about it will sail better, I think it just rolls more.
Tom is asleep beside me snoring away, I have instructions to wake him if the wind swings around the stern as all hell will break out.....  :-/
Not sure what will happen but I don't think I want to find out, so am keeping a very close watch on the wind nav thingy.
I so wish we could turn off the motor,it is so peaceful out here and the moon has just come up, over the horizon and shining  on the water, its a lovely sight, I could watch it for hours.

Well that's my shift done and dusted, time for some sleep.

Well tomorrow is another day.

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