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Sailng on Windwanderer.
No Photos 12th Aug 2012
Thursday 09 August 213

Thursday 09 August 2012

My shift 7am

Well after making my morning coffees, I come up on deck, all looks ok, a bit of rain not much else.
The handheld radio is making a funny noise, so I find the manual for Tom to have a look at, it may of got wet yesterday so we have it sitting in front of a fan.
Tom had a look at the other one as well, still can't get it to work.
So all of a sudden the engine starts making a funny noise, we both hear it at the same time, Tom slows the boat and said go wake the captain, we could be running out of here we go again.
So the captain gets up checks the fuel, nope it's low but we still have enough in that tank, we still have some here and there in the other tanks, so he is now transferring some over to see if maybe there is a bit of muck in the bottom, now we wait and see.
Now the transfer pump is not working, I just spilt my coffee, and it's raining again....are we having fun yet?
Well as we are sitting here bobbing around going nowhere, still waiting for the tanks to fill, we were just visited by three dolphins, I just love watching them, they just played around the boat, checked us out, decided we were not that interesting, and swam off again.
I have to say I always get a bit of a fright when I first see a fin in the water, once I see it's a dolphin and not a shark I'm fine again.
I hate sharks, all I think of is
Well the engine is working again...yay
We have decided to turn into Southport to lick our wounds and try and do some repairs we should get there sometime today if all goes well.

That's me done and dusted.

Man the motor has just stopped, there was a terrible noise then it stopped, we are stopped dead we can't sail as the boom is broken, it's looking like another tow into shore.
Well we are trying to contact tow boat US they are not answering, now we have to try Coast Guard.... :-/
We are being towed in again, we were twenty miles off shore so it's been a long tow about two hours or so, but I'm now looking at Cape Fear, in Southport.
Ok we are tied up to the dock, talk about a backwards kinda place it's so strange just like a movie set deep in Georgia
We have an old guy on the boat at the moment looking at the motor, he has such a southern drawl, I'm having a hard time not laughing every time he talks.
But what a nice old guy has to be pushing eighty but is down in the bilges working away and telling some amazing stories, he has five daughters, two have died in there thirty's from the flu i think and the other was burnt is an accident and was burnt so bad she ended up with cancer and died from that, but he has about thirty grand kids and I think about sixty grand kids.  
I just can,t get over this place he told us they film a lot of movies here and when u look around u can really see it. 
Anyway I have hit a brick wall.

Well tomorrow is another day.

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