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Sailng on Windwanderer.
No Photos 15th Aug 2012
Monday 13th August 2012

Monday 13th August 2012

Well after checking the boat for stowaways we are on our way once more, there is quite a swell out here today and we are rocking and rolling a lot.
I even had to take a sea sick pill, to try and settle this tum of mine, it always happens when we first take off again, I always feel a bit off, but I know it settles real quick.
I'm also not the only one who is feeling a bit off, Tom has just come up on deck wearing the sea bands.....the captain is the only tough one among us, it seems.

My shift 3pm

This is my first official shift for the day, my first shift the captain did as he was getting us out of the area and hand steering.

So we have just put up the main sail as there has been very little wind till now, still not a huge amount but a bit at least.
I have my fishing line set up and out the back, if u remember in the movie Jaws, when he first gets it hooked on the line and u hear the click, click well mine did that a few moments ago, there was a flurry of excitement, then nothing, I reeled it in and yeap hook gone, must of been a big one,
So we re rigged and it's back out there again.
Just seen another dolphin as well he came around for awhile and stayed a bit then left again, I wonder what they think of us, the one thing I've noticed is they only come around when we turn off the motor, it's strange but it happens all the time, you see nothing of them, and the moment you turn the motor off, there they are.
Well thats my shift done and dusted.

My shift 11pm

This one I hate, even though I managed a two hour sleep today, I'm still feeling wasted.
But I have to say its a beautiful night out here, just a gentle breeze, a gentle swell, with an occasional large roll, just enough to have to hold on every now and then. 
And the stars are amazing, at the moment Tom is asleep on the day bed beside me, not yet snoring, but it will come...ha ha.

I'm watching a single white light off to my left, it's about two nautical miles off,I would say its a very small boat, as it only shows up on the radar every so often.
There are two very large boats on the radar that are way off at the moment but am keeping a watch on them as well, I can't see them yet, which is good.
Also there is a red cross, Tom told me to watch this as its a marker beacon thingy and we have to make sure we keep that on our port side.
I hope the captain is awake by the time we get closer, as I,m not so sure about that one.
Well we went past the beacon with no worries at all.

So that's me done and dusted....time for sleep.

Well tomorrow is another day.

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