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Sailng on Windwanderer.
No Photos 17th Aug 2012
Wednesday 15th August 2012

Wednesday 15th August 2012

Well what a night, had a shocking sleep, they had a hard time at the entrance of the bay, came very close to a large cargo ship, which resulted with the boat being thrown around all over the place.
I was asleep at that time, and was woken by me being bounced all over the bed, nice I could here them laughing up on deck, I was not a happy camper.

 My shift 7pm

So we are in the bay, it looks no different from the ocean, it's rough, windy and heaps of boats. I can just make out land on one side, if I try real hard.
It's amazing how different it is from our bays back home, honest it looks no different from the ocean.
Just heaps more traffic, I hate looking at the radar, there is so much on there it just scares me.
But we have internet yay, yay, yay.
I don't feel so cut off from the world now.

We are slowly making our way closer to shore, as there is bad weather coming, and there is a lot of rivers running into the bay that we can duck into if we need a safe spot.
 That's my shift done.

Well we have a problem....I just knew it was too good to last....we have no oil pressure, Tom just said go wake the Captain up, far out.
Well the floor boards are all open we have no oil in the engine, so where has it gone, and the big problem is do we have more oil on board.
Yeap they have found more oil, and it looks like that was the problem.
Thank god that was all.

My shift 3pm

Well I just did my first pass with a huge barge and a bouy...was so tempted to wake Tom, but I didn't, I have to say it was very close, and my palms were sweaty, but we made it, am actually quite chuffed with myself.
Well another first I have just spotted a burnt out cargo ship, and thought that's weird,so I just checked the gps and we are very close to a military practice area, so I woke Tom, and showed him where we are and he said we are fine, so all is good again.

And I just caught and landed my first fish...hahaha was so excited, it's a bluefish, it was at least half a meter long, kinda in the same family as snapper, salmon and something else, Tom has a chart on the local fish here.
But then I had to gut it and scale it....not so nice, but hey it is in the fridge as I've already cooked dinner for tonight. We will be having fish for dinner tomorrow night.

My shift 11pm

Man am I tired, I hate this shift and I hate even worse being woken up from a deep sleep.
Thank goodness we will be there soon with any luck I think tomorrow afternoon.
After cooking tea and catching the fish, I was just so tired, so the caption offered to do the dishes for me so I could go have a sleep, I sure needed it.

At the moment I'm sitting here looking at the lights off Annapolis, I think or very close to it.
But the stars are no longer so bright and the water is now more green then the deep blue we are used to. 
I'm actually missing the ocean, it even smells different out there.
Oh and it's actually starting to get cold of a nighttime up here, I have a long sleeve shirt on.....first time since we brought the boat...we sure aren't in the tropics anymore.
Am about to hand the boat over to the captain.

Well tomorrow is another day.

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