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Sailng on Windwanderer.
No Photos 18th Aug 2012
Friday 17th August 2012

Friday 17th  August 2012

Well first official day here.
We were so wasted last night, that we didn't even do the dishes, just left everything and went to bed.
I woke up went to make a coffee and was faced with all the mess, not wish I had cleaned up before we went to bed, was hoping the cleaning fairy came in the middle of the night, no such luck, maybe if we stay in one place long enough she may just find us....haha

So after cleaning up the galley, Tom took me into town to do the laundry, man I so wish we had a washing machine, it's hard work, I have to say I'm not a fan of laundromats at all. Although u get to meet some interesting people to say the least. 
So after two odd hours the Captain comes and picks me up, and then we went hunting for a marine shop to see if we could buy a power plug, to connect to shore power.
Found one at the second shop, come back and he tried all afternoon and well into the night, to connect, it appears American power supply and South African power do not like each other at all, no way in this world, are they gonna get along.
The guy in a big power boat behind us knows a fair bit about all this so tomorrow him and the Captain will try and make them friends, maybe offer them some wine and chocolate.....hey it works for me...hahaha

Well tomorrow is another day.

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