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Sailng on Windwanderer.
No Photos 19th Aug 2012
Saturday 18th August 2012

Saturday 18th August 2012

Well today I cleaned up all the decks, was such hard work.
There was a lot of netting around half the boat, you have this on as a safety, thing for small children, pets or just way too paranoid.

I have been wanting to take it off from word go, but just never got the chance, so today was the day, and wow what a difference, the boat looks heaps better.
The only problem now is the railing looks a bit rusty, so more work to bring that up to never ends.

So after hours and hours scrubbing and cleaning, I needed a nanny nap, I did not get much of one after about twenty minutes the captain comes in, and tells me we have been invited to a chicken wing night at the local fire station.
Man I could have just cried, I was so tired and it was the last thing I wanted to do.
But I got up and showered and dressed on an very large angle.
It was a really low tide, and we were sitting on the bottom which resulted in the boat leaning so far over, if it wasn't for the jetty we would of been right on our side.
 When we left the boat and looked back at her, she looked so bad just like a old haunted ship that had been left to rot.

So anyway the old couple who own this place were the ones who invited us out, what a nice couple, and there house is just amazing, so American country.

They put on buffet nights, at the fire station once or twice a month to raise money as the government gives next to nothing to the fire brigade,so was nice to help the local community a little bit.
After dinner we went and had a look at the fire engines, and yeah, they look just like the ones in the
While we were looking they had an emergency, where a little four year old girl, had fallen up against an electric fence and was hurt real bad, she had also had a bad push bike fall the day before so they weren't real sure if it was from that or the fence.
So out the back we all went and watched a rescue helicopter land and take her off to one of the major hospitals.

After that bit of excitement, they took us to the local, carnival that was in town.
When I was at the laundromat the other day, I meet a father and son who were carnies, as they called themselves, we chatted for hours, so I was also on the look out for them so I could introduce the captain to them.
After awhile we ran into them, I still think they were lovely and the captain agreed.
And yes the  carnival was so much like the movies as well...hahaha

We had a really lovely night.

Well tomorrow is another day.

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