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Sailng on Windwanderer.
No Photos 25th Aug 2012
Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Wed, thurs, frid,saturday.

Ok have been a bit slack in writing, just been busy.
 Wednesday, we went into town, to get a few things, this is never just a simple trip.
But after visiting several stores, we managed to get one of the things we needed, including some extra heavy duty cleaner.
So after hours and hours we finally got back to the boat, I actually think the dingy warts and all is easier than riding in Toms ute, man it is a wreak.
Maybe not, if you could see the dingy at the moment the ute does look good. It is so full of water and it's a slimy green looking water, yeah so the ute does look better, just.
Anyway I am happy to say the the cleaning stuff works, am getting grime off a lot of places even though it still takes a lot of scrubbing.


Just more cleaning, have started in the main cabin, it's looking like I may never get out of there.
It is so much work, just in one area.
I think I,m getting old, man it is hard work, give me a little boat any day, and one with no wood.
Were we crazy or what buying such n old boat no matter where you look something needs fixing, cleaning, changing, and polishing.
I Need a MAID...... The Captain just told me he would buy the outfit.
Would not dare tell you whatbmy answer to that remark was.....
So after a full on day we were invited with Tom to a local ladies house for dinner.

Wendy is a lovely lady, who has a house that was built in the 1700s.
What a house man it is fantastic and so
We had a lovely night, although they talked politics, a fair bit, which kinda bored me to tears, but the food was great and I didn't have to cook or clean up the mess.

more cleaning, the Captain has been busy fixing the oil problem in the engine, which is finally fixed, and I have finally finished the main cabin other then the floors.
I have to say it is looking great, the rest of the boat looks shocking but at least we have one clean and sparkling room/cabin.

Finished the floors, in the main cabin, so that is done and dusted.
Just need to get a quilt and a few nice things to make it look a bit more like home.
As I'm starting on the bathrooms next, I have been researching all kind of things and driving the Captain and Tom mad, about the ideas I want for them.
We have three in total.
Off the main cabin is a basin and vanity, which I call mine as I have my personal stuff there, then there is the main bathroom with a shower, basin and toilet/head boat terms for toilet.
Then the forward cabin has a toilet, and basin, it also has a hand held shower, but we are getting rid of that as its useless and you can only use one shower at a time anyway.

So the big thing is I want to do the lot up, we saw a boat in California, that had the  most amazing Mexican basin, I so wanted to buy the boat, solely for that reason alone.
Yeah did not sit well with the Captain he still goes on about the mast that was rotten and needing replacing.....huh miner stuff.
Anyway have found some basins on eBay that look great but I just can not make my mind up on which ones, it's so hard to chose.
The size is a bit of a problem  as well the two main bathrooms are ok, but mine is causing a bit of a headache, as I need a very small one.
So Tom and I have been looking into tiling and new taps and so on, the Captain is staying right out of it, he just rolls his eyes and thinks I'm gonna spend all his money.
But I'm not really, just trying to make this boat feel a bit like home.

Well tomorrow is another day.

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