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Sailng on Windwanderer.
No Photos 6th Sep 2012
Tuesday 4th September 2012

Tuesday 4th september 2012

Well still cleaning the kitchen, will it ever end?

Anyway we have new friends on board.
Let me introduce you to the American flies, man and I thought Australia has a fly problem.
My other little friends have finally left us, except for a few stowaways that I come across every now and then, who are just way to attached to me to leave, but am armed with a special orange ant killer spray that Edie got for me to try, it's supposed to be great, will wait and see, but does it kill flies? :-/
Have almost exhausted google with fly remedies, I can tell you, it's desaveu all over again.
Man we have tried it all, we have those horrible fly strips, that the flies get stuck on, I hate them it brings back memories, of my grandma turner my dads mum, when we were little she would hang them over the dinner table, while you were eating to stop the flys..still gives me
So they do work but you keep running into them and u get is so not nice especially when your hair gets stuck to them....god I'm gonna have nightmares about these till I die, I just know it.

The most funny thing happened to the captain, was when he got stuck right down his back and hair, I laughed so hard I could hardly get it off him, then there was a dead fly in his hair, man he made me get it out, I almost threw up, was so not laughing then.
Speaking of the captain, he now has the new job of fly killer, he has his own 
Plastic fly swatter, which is also another thing that freaks me out, they are so dirty, god they are horrible, but he acts like this big hunter, killing hundreds daily. It is always by his
We also have fly spray of cause but it's horrible over here it never sprays in a fine mist, just comes out in big globs, and it's sticky.
So google again, they say a plastic bag filled with water and a penny in it, will keep the flys away,....we now have about ten of them hanging up around the place and have a thousand or so flys still flying around oh so happy, they can look at them selves as they fly past, am sure it's a macho thing cause they look heaps bigger when they look at themselves in the bags.

Back to google burn lavender candles, that helps, have a beautiful smelling boat of lavender burning away guess what still have files, they seem to love the lavender smell as well. :-/
So back to google this is getting out of hand, man am wasting so much time on here.
They say u can get a trap that is just a plastic bag that has a sweet smelling stuff in it and you fill it with water and hang it outside and they are attracted to it fly in and can't get out again and die.
So we go hunting and find some at the local hardware store, on the way home I'm reading all about it and they say it kills, now get this, it kills house flys, lesser house fly, cluster fly, lance fly, secondary screwworm fly, flesh fly, false stable fly, blow flies and bottle flies.
Are you freaking kidding me, no wonder we have so many flies here, at least some of them are exotic ones, maybe I could send some to aus, they get so upset about the boat people, maybe they could use some of these boat flies instead.
I thought my ant friends were driving me crazy, I have to say I think the flys are worse.

So we are now armed with two outside fly traps, ten plastics water and penny filled plastic bags,
Three horrible sticky fly strips in different sections around the boat that u get stuck on all the time no matter how careful you are, two lavender candles burning, a plastic fly swatter that the captain has on him almost all the time, maybe I should make a holster for
And cans of fly spray dotted around ready to grab at any moment.
Watch this space....hahaha

Well tomorrow is another day.

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