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Sailng on Windwanderer.
No Photos 10th Sep 2012
Wednesday 5th, Thursday 6th, Friday 7th and Saturday 8th 2012

Wednesday 5th, Thursday 6th, Friday 7th and Saturday 8th, 2012

Ok well am cheating a bit here and putting these all in one, I know I have been slack and keeping this up to date, but I have been so flat out, with all this boat stuff, that the time just gets away.
Am happy to say I am almost finished the inside of the boat....can I get a big cheer
The galley is done, the dinette is done, the V berth is done and just have the 2nd bathroom and the little area outside of it.
The Captain is starting to panic, cause the last cabin to do is his workshop area.
Now this is a very sore point with me, it's a double cabin that is just full of boat junk....
Well maybe not junk all the spare parts, for everything on the boat, plus spares for the spares,
It's crazy and I wish we could have the cabin back to what it should be, but we also need to have this stuff somewhere, but why the captain  is freaking out is because I'm making him get rid of at least half of it and organize it as well, at the moment it's just a junk heap.
So I can see both of us bogged down here and a few tense moments when I wanna chuck and he will wanna this space.

 Back to our new friends, all the traps and stuff around are helping a little bit, we are still getting a lot of flies but nowhere as many as before.
What worked and what didn't I'm not real sure.
The so called sweet smelling fly traps, turned real nasty real quick, and when I say nasty I really really mean nasty.
The smell got so bad that I made the Captain, take it to the furthest part of the boat, he did it bitching all the way, I don't blame him one bit it was so bad.
Has it worked are there flies in it? Who knows none of us are game to go near it and look.
Until the other day when I was in the V berth cleaning it out and was getting this horrible smell coming through the hatch, I was almost throwing up, so the Captain being the hero, went up there holding his nose and armed with plastic bags to take it down and get rid of it.
He said there was only a few little flies in there so much for catching all those exotic ones.
So  those are never going up again, I would rather have the files serious than those foul smelling things.

The plastic bags with water and coins are down to three, as the Captain also bitched about these as he kept hitting his head on them and water would run down his back....hahaha
Well at least I could see the funny side of it. The Captain was not so happy.

The candles we both still agree on as they smell nice at least do they
The flies like the smell as well, they are always climbing all around them.

So to those horrible fly strips they go up and down, when we get too many inside I'll hang one or two up for a day or so, but I still hate the look of them.

And to the Captains fly swatter, man I hate that thing and he loves it.
It is still constantly by his side, and no not on his hip but I'm sure he would love a holster.
He kills his quota of about fifty flies a day and is happy.
So the fly war continues.

Well tomorrow is another day.

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