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Sailng on Windwanderer.
No Photos 10th Sep 2012
Sunday 9th September 2012

Sunday 9th September 2012

Well first of all today is a special day, the Captains sister and brother in law, have become Grandparents for the first time. 
Congratulations to you Russ and Meg, and to Rob and Sherry they now have a little baby boy Toby.
Can't wait to see lots of pics. xxx

Well today we made an early start, Tom needed the truck this afternoon as he was going to spend a few days with Edie, and we needed to get into town to buy supplies again.

So off we go  to many a shops once more, I so miss Australia for the shopping, you guys have it so easy, I can never find anything I want over here without going to a mental amount of shops.
Anyway five hours later we are loaded up with goodies, I get excited about buying little things for the boat, yeah I know, but hey we are stuck here and my life is one of cleaning and more cleaning so there.
Anyway we have a new black dish rack, I had a white one that did not go with anything, the captain can not understand us women, in his words there is nothing wrong with the white one, and you only brought it a month ago, man they know nothing. :-)
We have a new can opener, he agrees with this one, as the one we brought before was hopeless 
And I made him open all the cans with it, so he totally agreed with
A new dinner set, which took a lot of talking him into,  and we get it home and half the plates are broken, that's going back.
I might add here that we only have plastic dishes on the boat and I hate them, I know they are practical and all that but I want to eat off real plates.

A little table for the cockpit, that wobbles so bad, may keep that one, could be handy somewhere else.
A step ladder for the  V Berth as its so high to get up and down there, with the step we have, but the ladder is not strong enough so it goes back.
And some wine glasses, which we had a nice glass or two of red out of them tonight so we are keeping them, and I might say that wine does taste better in real glasses.

Oh we also went to a fair few antique shops that they have here the captain wants a table to go down in the salon area, his ideas and mine are so totally different, don't think we are never gonna agree on that one.

Well tomorrow is another day.

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