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Sailng on Windwanderer.
No Photos 12th Sep 2012
Monday 10th September 2012

Monday 10th September 2012

First of all two people have a birthday today.
Happy Birthday Marian, and a special little boy, Happy Birthday Ethan. Big hugs and kisses to you both. 

Well another day and I have to say its freezing, looks like the last of the heat has gone from the area.
The Captain thinks we have to stay here till november, man I think we my just freeze to death,
Am sure we will need to soon be looking at buying some kind of heater at least.

Am happy to say I finished the inside of the boat today...yay, but there always is a but hey.
We still have to do the Captains workshop am not looking forward to it, I can tell you, that cabin is scary.

You know certain parts of this little ship we have freaks me out, it's weird some lockers, even some small areas, fixing the V Berth was one, and the guest bathroom was another, then I had to clean out a locker in the bilges, now this had to be the worst.
I knew it would be the moment I lifted the hatch on the floor,
It was dark and a very tiny space, I got up to get a torch to have a really good look, and also to see what was in there and what I could get rid of.
Well there were bags with cases of beer, some garden hose, yeah I know why?
And some metal drum that neither the Captain or I have any idea what it is.
So after getting all this out I decide to have a good look with the torch to make sure there is nothing left in there.
So wish I hadn't,  I'm lying on my tum trying to see right up to the end, I'm up in the bow
( pointy end )of the boat, so it's a long way to look up.
It was so scary like an old haunted ship it was dirty looked like rust, but just dirt and a cobweb like you would not believe, omg this boat has been to a lot of places around the world and there is no way I want to meet up with a spider that can build a web like that, think horror stories, horror movies, man just think Stephen King, maybe I read too much and watch too many horror stuff, but that sure is a place in your nightmares.
So me being female just empty a whole thing of insect killer in there close the hatch and plan never ever to open it again .... hahaha
So there  still a lot that needs doing on the inside but at least it is now clean and looking good.

Well tomorrow is another day.

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