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Sailng on Windwanderer.
No Photos 12th Sep 2012
Tuesday 11th September 2012

Tuesday 11th September 2012

Well the 11th of September, A day the world will never forget, was a bit unnerving being in America on a day like today, and so close to New York, it's only an hour and a bit drive to get there and washington, is not that far away as well, kinda scary stuff.
After a few hours our boat even looked like a bomb had gone off in it.

Yes I finally have the Captain cleaning out his domain.
What a job it is, honest I have never ever seen so many spare parts, tools, hoses,cables.... The list goes on and on.
There is no way you need all this on one boat, what were they thinking, did they think they would never, set foot on land again? Or maybe never be able to buy spares for the boat.
Crazy stuff, we have piles of this stuff all over the floor of the boat with the captain trying to sort it all out, can see us tripping over all this for days.
But at least he has made a good start with it.

Well today I finally picked out a quilt for our bed, after almost a month searching on eBay, the whole of the Internet.
It has been so frustrating, we both knew what we wanted just could not find it.
I even got to the stage of looking for material to make one, but could not even find the material.
Donna and her son Tavis, come over with a parcel for The Captain, one of the many things we have ordered online, and suggested a material shop that is also online to look at, well they have a mental amount of material but not the one that we wanted.
So I finally went back to the one online that I have had my eye on.
It's not really what we would have liked but it was a good price and am hoping it will be ok.
Also we are starting to get really cold at night and need

Well tomorrow is another day.

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