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Sailng on Windwanderer.
No Photos 16th Sep 2012
Wednesday 12th September 2012

Wednesday 12 September 2012

Well another day, still cleaning the Captain still has a mess everywhere, it's starting to drive me crazy, and the once beautiful clean sparkling boat now looks very sad indeed.

Tom has been away for a few days and is know back thank god, cause we need to go shopping especially food shopping, there is no junk food left and I'm freaking
So after waiting for Tom to be free with his truck, which I might add takes forever, but we can't complain as it's a very cheap deal, we just put petrol in when it needs it and that's it.

So here we go again armed with a big list of things to get' off we go rattling down the old country roads.
Did we find everything we need? .... NO, Do we ever find everything we need?.... NO, Does it drive us crazy?... YES, Does it take forever and ever to get it all done? .... You bet.
So after hours and hours we are back at the boat, loaded with groceries at least, and it's five o'clock, we all know what that means,
So I quickly get the groceries put away, while dodging all the captains mess which is not easy, pour myself a drink and swear I am never going shopping here ever again, I'm gonna shop online, pity they don't deliver groceries or I'd get them online too.

So sitting here on deck trying to get over the latest horror shopping visit and I could hear Donna and Tavis and it is Tavis, not with a R. Even spell check has a hissy fit over this one.
Anyway I  could here them coming down the dock, and I'm thinking oh no, not now, I just want to be left alone with my little drink... But they are nice people and this time even, as they came with a whole lot of deliveries for us.

If you remember Donna is Toms ex wife and they live close together, and we use her address for deliveries as she lives in a house with their son and Tom lives on a boat.

So anyway they had parcels after parcels, I was so excited, as my basins had finally arrived and a new microwave yay.
Now these were in huge boxes, four of them and they all had to be added to the captains mess down stairs, man we sure were tripping over stuff.
After they left I opened them up, the first one I was not real sure about, but the other two I just love, I can't wait to be able to install them, I have to find tiles now to go around them, so the way I am about picking stuff out they may sit here for years without being

Well tomorrow is another day.

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