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Sailng on Windwanderer.
No Photos 2nd Nov 2012
Thursday 1st November 2012

Thursday 1st November 2012

Well we are still here, alive and well.
What a scary time we had, but all in all it was not as bad as we thought it would be.
Yes we had rain like you would not believe and wind that was just crazy stuff, we rocked and rolled all over the place , I was so seasick and popping pills like they were going out of fashion.
We really only had some really bad moments, and I was so scared and yeah I cried.
But New York was the place that really was hit bad.
The decision to stay put was the right one, and so glad it was, at one time I could see the worry on the captains face and asked him should we leave the boat, he said no we will be fine, and we were.
As for damage to the boat, none what so ever the only thing was we found out we had a lot more leaks than we ever though possible, I think we had every bucket, bowl and saucepan we could find out and around the boat.
To make things worse we finally decided to try and get some sleep, and we had a major leak right in the middle of our bed...great, so strip off all the sheets, and the mattress was not so wet, but the Captains 3am plumbing was quite funny, it was dowel with blue tape going down to a saucepan, I will have to put up a pic, but hey it worked.
Did we get much sleep not really the hardest thing was when all went quiet and we knew we were in the eye of the storm and not knowing what it was going to be like on the other side.
But all was fine just had a bit more wind, and high tides which our jetty went underwater so we couldn't get to shore at all, but it all went down and was fine.

Am sitting here at the laundromat watching this little girl push a trolley around and into me a lot....but she is so cute
OMG....the laundromat has just turned into Walmart at its finest, we have a mum in her jamas, screaming at her child, then another screaming at her husband cause he went out for a smoke, and a heaps of kids screaming, man where is the Captain when I need saving.
Wish I could take pics...Hahahaha but I better not. 

Hurry up washing I need to get out of here, am standing in a corner taking it all in and trying hard not to stare, not that my mum told me it was rude, but I may get bashed.

So just message the Captain to come and get me and am waiting outside, a dude just asked if I needed a lift, I told him I was fine then he gets in his truck an sits there and has a hurry Captain.
Well tomorrow is anther day.

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