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Sailng on Windwanderer.
No Photos 2nd Nov 2012
Friday 2nd November 2012

Friday 2nd November 2012

Well first of all today is my girls birthday Happy Birthday Madd, wow 22 years old, man this mumma is starting to feel old.
My kids Birthdays are really hard on me I so want to be with them on their special day and being so homesick does not help much at all. I just hope you have a lovely day, and hope I don't miss anymore birthdays. 

So it's freezing cold and we are so ready to move on.
The original plan was to be leaving early November....yeh that turned out well. :-/
At the moment we have a massive amount of jobs in various stages of completion.
It seems everything that gets started something is way more worse than what was thought it would be.
Am sitting here looking at a heat light trying to dry out the shower base, it was suppose to be a simple repair, put in a new drain...yeah right
First the hoses would not fit, sorted that problem out then find out the floor is here we go again, so the rot has been dug out, now they are trying to dry the rest of it out then will have to repair and re fiberglass it.
So we are back having showers up at the cottage, am not happy as I finally get hot water for maybe two weeks if that and I still can't shower here, and I won't even mention the icicles, that attach to you as you are walking up there and back.
Ok well not quite but it is cold, and feels like it.

I now have two bathrooms in pieces, am waiting for The Captain to connect the basin up in one and that one is finished and the second one needs the taps and basin connected, but I have to wait for them to get connected so I can start on the last one.
The Captain won't let me start on it till the others are done, he keeps going on about we need to at least be able to clean our teeth at a basin...huh
I think he should do it up at the cottage, with the icicles and all....Hahahaha.
That war continues.

Was a bit of excitement yesterday as the new roller furling for the masts came, so the old sails and all the bits are getting removed today ready for the new ones to go up.
This is going to make our sailing life so much easier to handle, I just hope it works.

Well Tom has had to leave early as he had a hot date...haha
So guess who is going up the mast to continue undoing all the bits and this space.

And yeah I went up not quite to the top but close enough, on a chair, with a drill in one hand a can of WD40 in the other and legs wrapped around the mast, and tried so hard not to look down.
I was shaking so much not sure if it was the cold or the height but I managed to get a lot of screws out still have heaps more to go.

Well tomorrow is another day.

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