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Sailng on Windwanderer.
No Photos 14th Apr 2013
Saturday 13th April 2013

Saturday 13th April 2013

Well after a shocking nights sleep, we are on the move again, we are motoring at the moment but plan to set the sails soon.
This will be great excitement....I hope, as we have not used the new sails yet, so watch this space.

So we are back to watches again, it's my first watch after about 8 months scary stuff.

3pm my watch,

We are in the middle of Chesapeake Bay, and there is big ships all around us and a lot of other boats, so I'm constantly searching around so we don't hit any, it's funny I'm nowhere near as scared or worried anymore, hope it stays that
Tom has been trying to teach me who has right of way, do I now understand?
Nope god help us

I can't believe I just said that, I take it all back.
From what started out to be a beautiful day has now turn into a shocker.
First off the wind has picked up to over 20 knots the water is really rough, we are rocking and rolling all over the place I just watched the bow sprit that's the pointy front end...nose dive under the water...not fun.
Then lockers have opened and thrown everything all over the floor, trying to get it all back is oh so much fun as soon as you open the door to put something in, that you have chased all over the floor to start with, what is left in there falls out, so then you chase that one and on and on it goes, and also your getting thrown around as well.
And yes I'm popping seasick pills again.

Then the two new very expensive I might add, behind the mast, sail systems have let us down, the stays that hold the sails in place have come off on both mast, we are not sure why, Man sailing is such fun.

We have finally got the sails under control and are heading back a bit to anchor for the night so we can fix this rigging in the morning.

At the moment I'm laying on our bunk watching the water come up over the port holes, and the guys are hungry.... :-/ how I have no idea, do they cast iron stomachs or what.

Well we made it safe we are now anchored out of the wind and rough weather, thank god for that.
Tomorrow we do some repairs to the sail stuff, fix the nav light and most important to me is the hot water system, for some reason it is not heating up with the engine running which it's supposed to and I can tell you that boiling a kettle and having a sponge bath is not my idea of fun especially when it's freezing cold.

Well tomorrow is another day.

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