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Sailng on Windwanderer.
No Photos 15th Apr 2013
Sunday 14th April 2013 and Monday 15th April 2013

Sunday 14th April 2013 and Monday 15th April 2013

So we woke up to a beautiful morning, sun shining, gentle breeze, what a pretty spot this is.
So the men get to work and within several hours have all the rigging fixed, we decide to fix the other stuff at a later date, as we have good winds and weather so off we go again.

3pm my shift.

Am sitting here not doing much at all, we have great weather even though its still a bit chilly.
There is a few ships and boats dotted around the place but all are behaving themselves at the moment.
The Captain has just told me that we are going to get bad weather again so there is a little bay not too far away and we are going to anchor there tonight and wait it out,
I sure hope we get there before the bad weather.

Well we got there just fine, I even took over the steering with Toms help and the Captain at the bow of the boat ready to set the anchor. Boy was I scared we had very shallow water and I'm thinking man I can not run aground I have to keep the girl power going...hahaha
It's still strong and in tact. :-)

After cooking a real nice dinner, off to bed we went, as we plan to have an early start tomorrow.


Don't you just love it when plans go out the window, huh how plans never go to plan...haha

I went to bed with a little bit of pain in my tum, now those that know my reactions to Garlic and Nuts will know what I mean.
By 3.30 am I was awake in full blown pain, nothing worked to ease it, I had a losing battle and throwing up for about three hours flat, I have to say this was the worst one yet, the poor captain was my nurse though the whole thing, I felt so sorry for him, as it turned real nasty, but hey I'm alive still and woke up about 11am feeling a lot better just very fragile.

The hunt was on then to find out what ingredients I cooked with to see what had garlic in it, as I have had these attacks often so I am super over careful to what I cook with, I read every label of food that I buy and even if its a tiny bit iffy I never eat it, but all the searching turned up nothing, I have no idea, but I can tell you, I had cooked enough for tonight as well, and there is no way I'm eating any of it.
The guys are quite happy about this as they can eat it all

So we did not go this morning I was just way to sick, the guys fixed bits and pieces and the Captain tried to get the outboard motor for the dingy fixed, yeah another thing not working.
So we decided to motor into another area around here that is about a 3 hour trip, to a little place called Oxford, it is gorgeous, very old money, you should see the houses, man they are pretty very old worldly.
There is a marina here with a boat mechanic who will look at our little motor in the morning, as we are kinda just hanging around waiting for a good weather window, and we have Internet yay, not sure or our long but at least it's something.

Well tomorrow is another day.

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