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Sailng on Windwanderer.
No Photos 18th Apr 2013
Wednesday 16th April 2013

Wednesday 16th April 2013

Well today has been a rest day, well for me anyway
The guys have been busy doing bits and pieces not really sure what , but they have told me they got a lot done....haha

I actually gave myself a girlie day, with a facial, I cleansed scrubbed used a face mask the whole lot, I even dyed my eye brows, and no they are not
Than I managed after a bit of coaxing to get the generator running to get hot water and even washed my hair.

It crazy 15 months or so ago this would of just been a normal daily thing, but we have been so busy I just have not had time to do anything, and I feel so much better after all this pampering was nice it did my soul a lot of good.

I even managed another nana nap as well, and this afternoon have just lounged around reading was so so good.

We have not got off the boat at all today we had planned to go into town, but a part for the boat that the captain ordered has not come in yet so tomorrow will be the day.
We will go pick up the part get a few groceries and then the way it looks we will set out early Saturday morning and by midnight we should be out in the ocean.

Watch the stress levels rise

Am glad to of had today to unwind.

Ok we did get off the boat, the Captain and I decided to take the dingy ashore and see if we could get some ice and have a cocktail, we have a dry boat when we sail, as alcohol and sailing do not mix, she is too be a boat to not have all your wits about you out there, too many things can go wrong so quick, but as we are here for a few days we can indulge a little bit.

So off we went in search of ice, there is a big hotel just on shore so on the off chance we decided to ask them where we could get some, within a few minutes a guy comes back with a huge bag of ice no charge nothing, there still is nice people out there.
So we climb back into the dingy, with not much grace i might add, we sure our out of practice doing this, as I almost lost my pants getting out earlier, talk about plumbers crack..... :-/ Lucky it was only the Captain around and yes he did have a good chuckle.

We had a little ride around this ship of ours, and even though the hull needs a good clean she sure is looking good. So tomorrow I'm going to drag the captain with me in the dingy and try and give her a good wash.

Well tomorrow is another day.

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