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Sailng on Windwanderer.
No Photos 29th Apr 2013
Wednesday 24th April 2013

Wednesday 24th April 2013

Well we have finally set off.

Yours truly steered her out and into the main shipping channel for awhile, until it got a little too busy with ships tugs, coast guards etc, so I let the Captain take over.

In less than an hour we will be in the ocean, scary stuff, but in 12 miles we will be finally out of American waters and get that Aussie flag up. :-)

3pm my watch

Well this is not fun, we are getting hammered cold,big winds, big seas equals one very seasick girl here.

We were doing 10 knots, all sails up and healing over so far it was shocking, once again things were flying all over the place, far out, I was feeling so ill the Captain went down this time to see if he could pick some of the stuff up, well there was this yell to ease up the sails we had water pouring in the port holes in the galley.
Well I raced down and man we were flooded water everywhere, the port holes were not latched properly and he was not a happy camper.
Now I had closed all the hatches and had asked him to check before we left to make sure they were tight enough, I can tell you by the look on his face this was no time to say I told you so.
Me getting greener by the minute raced to the back of the boat to make sure the port holes were not leaking, well I hit our cabin and man what a mess there was stuff all over the place including two lap tops both on the floor and one in pieces, not sure whose yet.
I picked up that mess than checked the port hole over our bed, yeap soaked, great, than went into the Head/Bathroom and yeap that one is pouring in too.
I yell to The Captain and well let me just say that things turned a little nasty, with a few stern words Tom finally slowed the boat down he was not too happy about it, but we want to get there in one piece hopefully the boat the same way.
Tom likes to go fast, but this boat wants to do it all in her own time.

So rocking and rolling we are still at it, but we finally have made it out of American waters so all is good that way, has the flag gone up? Nope no one is game to leave the cockpit to do it...hahaha

11pm my shift

God almighty is this ever going to stop, it is shocking even worse than before, we have been slammed by huge waves that I don't even want to know how big they are. Water is still coming in some port holes, I have lost count on how many times I have seen the bow go under water, the boat getting hit by huge waves and we heel so far over, that the side rails go under, at least it's dark so you don't see the waves which is a blessing I can tell you.

We watched an American helicopter doing sea rescue training a little while ago, I so just wanted to jump up on deck and wave my arms around to make them come over and rescue me, take me away from all this madness.
That me done and dusted.

Well tomorrow is another day.

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