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Sailng on Windwanderer.
No Photos 29th Apr 2013
Thursday 25th April 2013

Thursday 25th April 2013.

7am my shift.

Well here we are still alive I can tell you it was a rough night, I don't think I slept anymore than an hour, am very tired and grumpy.
I'm up here by myself, Tom is sleeping on the lounge down below, if I need him I can just call out.
Is it any better just! I think, at least, the waves are just as big, not so choppy, but man they are big, am still holding on for grim death.
And yeah we have finally made it into the Gulf Stream.

How you tell your in it is the water changes colour, we went from green, and this is a real royal blue, and once we are out if it, well it goes that brilliant blue, then I will finally feel like we are back on track.

There is more of a mess inside than ever, it's crazy you don't stay done there for long or you just might get hit by one of these missiles, and water omg its everywhere inside and out.
Once we get a bit calmer weather I'm gonna have to face that mess and try and work out a better way of storing it all.

3pm my watch,

Well we are still at it, cold, wind, and very big waves, man these guys are something, still not sure how high.
If I had to guess I would say most are around 10-15 foot, and then just to be nice Mother Nature throws, some huge mamas, these little bastards sneak up on you, they come out of nowhere and are in sets of two, the first one hits, and you heel so far over i swear we will roll over, then before you can recover the second hits worse that the first, its such joy, :-/

All I'm doing is sitting hanging on and if I have to go down stairs, I put it off for as long as possible. I'm so sick of being Tossed around, man we are gonna be black and blue.

Well that's my shift done and dusted.

11pm my watch,

Well after my shift, the Captain ran the generator so I could have some hot water for one much needed shower.
It's been almost two days without one, and I was almost going crazy. It's funny it does not seem to worry the guys they will go for days on end without one.

Anyway after a nice but very quick shower, as we need to be careful with the water at the moment, till we can get into better weather and slow the boat down some to make more water.
I started doing some much needed cleaning up, I started in our cabin, and put dry sheets on the bed rearrange the bedding some as we are heeling over the opposite direction and instead of me squashing the Captain, we now have to be careful to not roll out, this can be very tricky, many a times I have almost rolled straight off the bed.
So I have made up a little thing with the cushions sort of packed down sideways at our feet and we kinda lay across ways, and so far so good, I managed to get two and a half hours sleep and it feels like 8 hours, boy I sure needed it, and I left the Captain down there snoring away he also needs it.

So back to my watch, it's not so cold anymore still need jumpers but man it's so better than before, we are still rocking and rolling, I'm not sure if its getting better or I'm just getting used to it.
That's me done am very tired.

Well tomorrow is another day.

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