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Sailng on Windwanderer.
No Photos 29th Apr 2013
Friday 26th April 2013

Friday 26th April 2013

7am my watch

OMG, this is just plain madness.
It is the worst it's ever been, I just hate it.
We have no sleep, and we are coming unstuck some.
Last night was so rough twice I was thrown out of bed, lucky we have a seat in there so I didn't hit the floor, but it still hurt like crazy.

Then the Captain comes to bed just dropping off to sleep and bam both of us and the mattress went flying. We just sat there and laughed, why I have no idea.

We eventually, made a little bed tucked into the corner with our feet jammed up against the side, by this time it was hitting about 5am, and yeap at 6am Tom yells out there is something wrong with the main sail.
So the Captain jumps up goes up and the main rope that makes it all work has chaffed and broke great, we can't do much about it until the sea settles down and then the guys will try and fix it.
I Also decided to get up, I went into the the galley to make a cup of coffee twice I got thrown across the floor and slammed into the table, then got flown onto the floor where I just sat and cried.
Am really hating this.

3pm my watch,

Well the guys have fixed the main sail, now the lines holding the dingy are chafing another one they have to fix.

We are still getting rocked about I am so over it.

11pm my watch.

Nothing much has changed if it I think it's actually worse,
Am so over it, I can feel myself unravelling.

Well tomorrow is another day.

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