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Sailng on Windwanderer.
No Photos 29th Apr 2013
Sunday 28th April 2013

Sunday 28th April 2013

Well today is Tom's Birthday, Happy Birthday Tom.

I planed to cook him a nice dinner and even bake a cake, huh that went out the window real quick.

7am my watch

Well after hardly any sleep once again, here I am.
Early hours of the morning the engine stopped, great we have run out of fuel, lucky it was only in one tank, the big problem was that it got air in the fuel lines so they had to bleed the lines before they could change tanks, not much fun.
But we got it all working again.
At the moment we have the engine off and are just sailing.
It's a little bit better not quit so rough.
I even ventured into that place I swore I would never go again, and made myself a coffee, was not fun.
They have rigged up what they call an arse sling.
This is a major hate of mine I told them all along that I will never use it, if its too rough down there I'm just not cooking, well I have tried it out several times and its shocking this morning it slipped up around my ribs and I swear one feels like its broken, they can take there arse sling and shove it as far as I'm concerned, and besides I'll be damned if they think I'm going to be tied to the kitchen , they think its a real joke that I get so upset over the thing, come on guys, they should know I'm no Mary Jane, from the 50's. I'm telling you the mere thought of it makes my blood boil.
Oh and George I can't even clean at the moment to let off the steam...hahaha

3pm my shift,

Well things have settled down some, thank God.
We still are rocking and rolling quite a lot but we will soon be in Bermuda, most likely in about 4 hours, we were running really good and almost thought we could make it in the daylight but that's not gonna happen.

I really can't wait to see land, have had this little worry in the back of my mind that maybe we will never see land again, and we will be riding these seas for eternity.

Well I have been reading a lot of horror books lately and we are in the Bermuda Triangle.

And we can see land, thank god, I so wanna get off this boat and kiss

Well we are here shaken and stirred

What an entrance it was pitch back and we just had to try our best.
Tom has been here many of times, so we are not too worried, well I was anyway.
So we have her on autopilot, Tom at the wheel working out all the lights, The Captain, on the chart plotter, and me at the top of the top of the stairs, hitting buttons port and starboard, see how boatie I, also I have my head out the window trying to see as well.

So they are calling out directions 1° port, 3° starboard, and all of a sudden something huge is straight ahead, well I went into panic mode, don't even though how many times I did the noise.
My kids know this noise, apparently I do it all the time when I'm scared, I really don't know how to explain it other than a huge intake of breath, and a sound with
But it has freaked my kids out for, forever I'll have to ask them one day how to explain it.
So this huge thing is coming at us in an alarming rate, I'm yelling we are gonna hit it, we're gonna it hit, the guys are now in panic mode as well, and the front of the boat missed and it slammed into the side almost where The Captain was sitting.

It was an unlit very old Buoy, it was made of metal and about at a guess 4 or 5 feet across, and most likely 6 feet high.
We where on top of it before any of us could do a thing.
Now if I had been thinking clearing I only had to push a few buttons and we may have just missed it, maybe.
The navigation charts are supposed to have all the buoys on it lit or not, yeh right.
So Tom rushes to the front of the boat to see if he can see any better The Captain is going from the chart plotter to the side to look as well I'm almost out the window looking with two fingers on the buttons and another one comes up, this one is like a huge tower well at least I could steer away from this one.
Man my hands were shaking so bad it gave us all a hell of a fright.

We eventually made it into the harbour and went straight to the customs dock. We had been in radio contact with them from miles out so they knew we were coming.
We tied up to the dock and two very stern customs officers came out and wanted us all inside ASAP, with our spear gun, and flare guns.
So off we get and I thinking can I kiss the ground, but thought I better not, with guns and all our papers, we were all worried cause we did not check out of America, as you all know we were not supposed to be there.
So The Captain had this story all ready to tell why we had not checked out, and they never even
All went smooth and here we are all legal.

Well tomorrow is another day.

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