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Sailng on Windwanderer.
No Photos 2nd May 2013
Tuesday 30th April 2013

Tuesday 30th April 2013

Well what a busy day,
First we took the boat over to the guys that are going to do our repairs.
At first they wanted us to take off the Davits and bring it into there workshop, this would of been a major thing, I guess it would be ok while Tom was still with us to help, but he will be long gone by the time it was ready yo put it all back together, it's just way to big a job for the Captain and I to get it all back together.

There were the 3 guys and The Captain and Tom, all trying to nut it out to try and come up with something that would work.

They have decided to leave it in one piece and do it on the boat, thank God, we are going to try and back the boat into the wharf with the fenders all round and hope they can do it that way, we do have to make sure it's a really calm day first, also they maybe able to start it on Friday which will be great.

So that took a good chunk of the day, but we are back on our anchor,

Then the guys go into town, I decided to stay behind and try and get this boat into some kind of order.
I swear I have never seen so much salt inside a boat before, it was crazy I spent hours after hours washing everything.
But now she is sparkling again.

There were a few more boats that came in yesterday and all had some degree of damage mainly to masts and stuff, these guys came from a different direction to us, but they also got hammered, so at least we were not the only ones.
It was just rough oceans.
Oh and one of the boats is an Aussie boat as well, that's kinda nice.

Then I cooked dinner and even made a home made Apple pie, which went down well.
The apples I got before leaving did not hold up all that well so I had to use then quick.
Actually all the fruit and verges did not last, so unless we can get local stuff along the one we may just have to live off can stuff most of the time, I'm not real keen on this but what can you do.

Oh and we can pick up wifi, every now and then on the boat it's a real pain in the butt as it is so so slow, and drops out all the time but at least it's something.

Well tomorrow is another day.

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