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Sailng on Windwanderer.
No Photos 8th May 2013
Saturday 4th May 2013

Saturday 4th May 2013

Today The Captain and I decided to go into the main area of the Island to the town of Hamilton.
So we go ashore and ask the local info Centre about bus's and where and when and so on.
The guy there is a real character, and no we did not get the easy explanation, as he put it. He was giving us the seed not the food, so we walked away after missing about 4 buses, and still way confused...haha

But we managed to get there in one piece just, these bus drivers are crazy they drive so fast and it feels like your going around bends and turns on two wheels.

It's quite a big city, no real shopping centres just rows of shops.
The Captain and Tom have been in several times but this was my first.
What stands out the most is how nice everyone is, they are so friendly and everyone says hello wether you are just, passing them on the street or getting on the bus and of cause when you go into their shops, and the place is so clean no rubbish no graffiti it's nice.

So our first stop is a local electronics store where The Captain had a new Kindle on order, oh I forgot to say that was another thing that got broken on the trip here.
I got one for his birthday, and I kept telling him you should have a cover for it but did he get one?, well in all fairness, he did try to get one before we left, but it kinda went on the back burner and did not happen. So he had it in his pocket one watch and yeah cracked the screen, that was the end of that.

So he now has a brand spanking new one, and a cover...haha
Then it was onto the marine store after walking miles once again, we have to get used to this it seems all places we go you know if you want to buy something you have to walk for it.
Anyway we finally find the store and they are so expensive so did not buy much there at all, we have quickly discovered that everything is way over priced here its crazy.

Our last stop was to get to one of their beaches, Bermuda is known for their pink sand, it's a mix of red coral and shell fish that has died that give it a pinky colour not bright just a pale pink.
So we hop on yet another bus, and being so touristy ask the driver what is the best place to go see it, apparently all the beach's have it but he drops us off and tells us where to go.
We are left at the side of a road no beach in site, walk a little bit this way and back again this happens for a bit, get out the map again and finally find the road to the beach.

It is so pale pink you really have to look hard to tell, but I have never felt such soft sand in my life, it's like a fine powder, it was so nice walking on it, and I managed to get a bag of it to add to my collection.

We stayed for a while and just chilled, then the long walk back to the main road to find the bus stop and back into town, where Tom and a friend of his was to pick us up and go to his place for dinner.
Charles, Tom's friend cooked us a lovely dinner and what a nice guy we had a really good late night.
I was a bit anxious cause I wanted to get back to the info centre to ring home.

So finally get back find myself a quiet corner outside of cause as it was 12.30am make my phone call to Mum, she answers the phone and I wish her a Happy Mothers Day....she laughs and tells me it's next Sunday, haha
We got that one wrong, but I did have a nice chat with both Mum and Dad, so that was good, and if all going well we will be in the middle of the ocean next Sunday anyway, so I was just getting in early.

Well tomorrow is another Day.

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