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Sailng on Windwanderer.
No Photos 8th May 2013
Sunday 5th may 2013

Sunday 5th May 2013

Well what a day.
I finally got in the mood for cooking, this was something I needed to do before we take off again.
I had decided to try and cook enough hot meals to take us to Saint Martin, oh maybe I forgot, to say we are still going to the Caribbean, but have decided to go to Saint Martin instead so we won't see as much this time but we sure will be back, in the near future.
As our plans are looking we will go home, and stay for some months then head off towards South Africa, stay for awhile and catch up with The Captains family than so on, we will continue onto the Caribbean with a lot of stops of cause on the way, then we can tick off the circumnavigation, which will be one hell of an achievement, in our eyes.

Man I get so distracted, so I finally get in the cooking mode, and the guys decided they need help, far out.
They are in the bilges trying to fix the float switch, all I have seen is butts in the air for hours and a lot of pirate language. they just can't reach a few wires, they decide that because I have long arms they think I can reach.
Now I can tell you I so do not want to go down there it smells bad and it's dark and scary, it gives me the creeps.

But I down my tools and head over, as it happens after a lengthy discussion Of what I have to do, and you really needed to hear it to believe it, are you kidding me, strip wire get a crimp, crimp it and get the other wire strip it and crimp it to the other end, oh and make sure it's the right wires, there is a lot of them down there, and doing all this head first almost upside down in a stinky, scary hole... and Guess what? I couldn't reach, there is a God... Haha

So we had to come up with another plan this was about plan 10, Tom decided to slid down under the stairs, and me on one side of the bilge passing stuff and The Captain on the other side holding a torch for light, this is all done with us all laying on our bellys.
All goes well until Tom gets stuck, so The Captain and I have to grab a leg each and drag him out, I actually lost count on how many times this happened over the next hour or two, but we finally got it all cut and crimped together.

What a job, we were sweaty oily and dirty, after I cleaned up, i was going back to my cooking, then they wanted to move the boat over to where we are getting repairs done.
This was a major event as well as we had to back in and try not to smash the back of the boat up against the wharf, it sounded easy at first but when you have a huge heavy boat and a swell its not so easy we finally got a rope tied to the wharf and winched ourselves in there, as you can tell I did not get much cooking done.

Well tomorrow is another day.

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