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Sailng on Windwanderer.
No Photos 8th May 2013
Monday 6th May 2013

Monday 6th May 2013

Well today has come with its new set of problems.
The Captain, has noticed that the spreader on the main mast has come away from the mast, are you kidding me, man dies it never end.
The spreaders hold the rigging in place, so this is a major one, we can only guess that it happened out there in the rough ocean.
But we are so lucky we found it before we left, it could of been a major disaster if not found, so now that needs fixing.

After only five hours we have the davits fixed at a fraction of the cost we were expecting, but of cause it came with problems, as well.

The Captain and Tom, had to remove anything that would melt as they were doing a lot of welding.
The main thing was the wires to the solar panel, but they forgot about the rollers that bring the dingy up and down.
This resulted in one melting beyond repair, and of cause we could not buy the right roller anywhere, but they managed to fabricate something that worked, thank god.
The other problem was and still is the wires to the solar panel, these were pulled down in a way that it would be easy to just pull back up and attach, yeah right, that did not work to plan, and they are still not connected yet, we may have to try and find more of the right wire.

So after all the davit work and stuff we decided to go back to our normal anchorage, as it was way to windy where we were for The Captain to go up the mast to access the damage to the spreaders.
Well we got back and up the mast The Captain goes, the poor guy, he was up there for so long and had to hang off the side and try and undo the rigging and bring the spreader down this was all done with one very sore shoulder, he did not look so good when he finally came down.
At least we know how to fix it now so it will go to be welded tomorrow.

Me I finally got to do my cooking, and man am I tried too, I cooked all day from about 8am to about 5pm, but at least the freezer is full of meals that we can just heat up in the microwave, till we get to Saint Martin.

Well tomorrow is another day.

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