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Sailng on Windwanderer.
No Photos 11th May 2013
Friday 10th May 2013

Friday 10th May 2012

Yeap still here.

Today it's wet cold and windy, so looks like no work up the mast again.

The rained eased up, so we decided to go ashore and ring the rigger to see how he felt about the weather, and there was 3 shops I wanted to visit.

So in we go waves crashing over the dingy me trying so hard to keep the laptops dry, we do have waterproof bags but they don't close up completely.
We get to the dingy dock and as per usual there is heaps already there.
This is always a challenge, you have to force your dinghy into the middle of them, and drag them all out of the way, to get to the steps, then grab the steps with a death grip, all the while you are being thrown around by the waves.
It so much fun....not.
So after you get the death grip then jump, kinda climb up onto the steps without doing the splits, I somehow always manage to get one foot on the step and the other still in the dingy, when it decides to move away from the dock, and I can tell you I'm way to old to be doing the splits, but I sure am getting a lot if practice lately.
It always give me such a fright, my hands shake for a bit after.

So finally get the dingy tied up and The Captain on shore with all our bags, and off we go.
The first stop is to check emails and stuff. We often just sit outside the visitors centre and check it all, or we go to the super yacht centre, which is across a little road, but today that's way too busy, as a lot of boats have come in today from a rally, they call it The Ark, they race from the Caribbean to here, we are kinda overrun by boats at the moment.

Anyway I check my ipad and stuff and leave The Captain to do his stuff and head off to the shops, well two out if three are closed, are ya kidding me, far out.
So come back to The Captain am not so happy.

He has moved inside now as its a bit quieter in there.
As we are sitting there a guy comes in and picks up a guitar and starts playing, and is very good I can tell you.
The guy that works there, you remember, bus's and seeds? Yeah the same one he is such a character, and he starts making up words to go along with the music.

Then he grabs the guitar and looks over at me and says Madam, this song is for you, well it starts off with she has freckles on her bum, I'm thinking omg, as there is a heap of tourist coming and going in here as well...hahaha

I have some of it on a video clip and will try ad upload it on facebook, it was so so funny.

So we go back yo the boat and The Captain decides to take the dingy over to have a chat with the rigger and there is a guy that he wants to have another look at the motor on the dingy, it's still running a bit hot, so off he goes an says he will be back soon.

Well I'm sitting here 6 hours later and no sign of The Captain, all these emotions are going through my head, as you could well imagine, from anger, to frustration, to being stressed out of my head.

While I'm sitting here waiting a big Catamaran, comes so close to the front of the boat and hits the anchor chain, it made a hell of a noise, my stress levels went into overdrive, am thinking great now what, no Captain in site, if we start dragging what then I can't set the anchor by myself, as you need two people, so do I just start the motor or what, then I'm like well I'm not sure how to even start the motor, I've done it several times but when your in panic mode all this goes out the window.
So am sitting watching a house on shore as they have told me to get a site on shore and watch it and you can tell if your moving or not, well that's fine to say but when your swinging on the anchor, it's not easy at all.
Well am not sure at all if we are dragging or not and watch this house for over an hour, then realise if we are swinging on the chain we have to be still hooked on the bottom.
Yeah I know, but I did say I was in a panic mode, and of cause that started a whole new list of panics as I'm thinking what if something has happened to The Captain, how will they know where he has come from what will I do, I even had thoughts of swimming ashore and see if I could find him, crazy stuff.
Well he eventually comes back looking very stressed, and I went through another lot of emotions, I was so angry, but so relieved as well.

So the engine had died and he had to row ashore and then wait for hours for the guy to finish a job and come and have a look at our engine, he was also very stressed cause he knew I would be stressed out...we were both stressing out about each other...haha but all is good again in our little world.

Well tomorrow is another day.

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