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Sailng on Windwanderer.
No Photos 13th May 2013
Saturday 11 May 2013

Saturday 11th May 2013

Well a big Happy Mother's Day to all the mums back home.

And yet another Mothers Day that we have missed, :-( .
I so need to be home, am way over homesick, I guess it won't be long now anyway.

Well today yet again has more problems, we finally got some good weather and The Captain, goes and picks up the rigger.
Up he goes with the fixed spreader puts in back in place and noticed that the other side is broken as well, far out, so down that one comes and has to be welded, this can't be done till Monday as the work shop is closed for the weekend.

Am starting to think we may never get away from this island. If we get it all fixed on Monday, we are looking at leaving Wednesday now as we will have the right winds to take us to St Martin or at least a good start in the right direction.

There is a little beach here that is suppose to have a lot of sea glass on it, so The Captain and I decided to jump in the dingy and take a little ride.
To get there you have to go out through the main entrance and cut around the corner and back in again.
I can tell you I was a little bit nervous, as we headed out all you can see is ocean, and it's a bit unnerving in a little dingy, but we made it just fine, and talk about sea glass it was everywhere.
Got myself a little bag full and the hoped on home again.

Then we decided to go ashore, to see if the few shops that were closed yesterday were open and get some grocery's and of cause get on the Internet.

So, after the dingy shuffle we get ashore and I leave the captain at the visitors centre all happy as he has Internet and off I go, and yes they where opened, I got what I needed and headed back.

By the time I got back to the centre it was full with tourist, a lot of them were French and they were all having problems trying to connect to the Internet, I spent ,more time trying to help them then checking my stuff.

So we leave and get some grocery's and head back to the boat, after doing the dingy shuffle once again.
On the way back we decide to drop off the grocery's and head back in to buy some dinner and have a drink or two and then call home for Mothers Day.

So get back on board and realise the batteries are low so have to run the generator, by this time I'm over going back again so we decide to have dinner and drinks on the boat and go in around 8.30pm.

So off we go dingy shuffle again, climb up on shore and sit down happily to make our calls, and guess what no coverage, far out, we had decided to go to the super yacht place as its more quiet, even though the place was closed normally you can still get on to the wifi, but not tonight.
So we pack everything up and walk back across to the visitors centre, it getting later now, so I ring Bek first, we talk for about five minutes then it drops out.
Well we did the walk back to the yacht centre nothing back to the tourist centre nothing this goes on for a fair amount of time backwards and forwards so so many times.

There is also a little restaurant up the road that you can get on their wifi so off we go there, but realise that we have no money with us and we are not really dressed to go anywhere as we were just going to make a few phone calls and it was dark too.
Yeah we looked a bit like homeless people...haha
There were a few people sitting outside and the waitress came out, we decided to explain to her that we had not brought our wallets with us and just needed to get on line for a few minutes, she would have no bar of it, you have to buy at least a drink, and then they would give you the password.

There was guy in the corner on his laptop, so The Captain decided to go ask him for the password, and he gives it to us no problems.
Then we were like little thieves and hid around the corner to get online.
Guess what it did not work no reception... Haha

So back to the walk again over to the visitors centre no nothing, then over to the yacht centre were we managed to get online with the restaurants wifi, I was so happy, tried to ring but we had shocking reception, by this time I was over it big time, and by the look on The Captains face he was over it two hours ago...haha

We decided to call it a night go back to the dock, dingy shuffle agin and back to the boat, it getting onto 11pm by this time and I managed to get online at least to message the kids and tell them what happened.
As you can see kids it was not from lack of trying.

Well tomorrow is another day.

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