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Sailng on Windwanderer.
No Photos 18th May 2013
Monday 12th May 2013

Monday 12th May 2013

So we get up nice and early The Captain wants to get the last spreader down to the welder and I wanted to try and ring the kids, as we knew that the wifi should have been fixed onshore by now.

So he drops me off, it's too early for dingy's so that was nice just a straight forward climb up on shore.
I notice that the super yacht centres door is open so head over there.
I managed to talk to Madd for a bit which was so nice but it ended up being too late to ring the others, it sucks with the time difference, as we either have to be up really early or stay up late at night to talk back home.

As I was sitting there a huge black bird flew down and grabbed a baby sparrow out of a nest and flew off, there was another baby that almost landed at my feet, I tried to pick it up but it fluttered away and then the parents came to its rescue, yeah I know it was just a sparrow well I think a sparrow, I'm sure they have another name for it here but it was sad anyway.
It reminded me of the other day that we took the dingy around to the little beach, on the way back we spotted some sea birds flying around the rocks and cliffs, they are a bit like a sea gull but more slender and have a huge long tail, we wondered wether these were the birds a local guy was telling us about, apparently they have a bird that is almost extinct here, that calls out, with such a shriek that when the sailers in the olden days got too close to the island they could here it and thought it was a devil calling out, the island was named the devils island for a long time and no sailer would go close to it for fear of the devil getting them... Haha they were so superstitions, and a lot still our to this day.
I did a bit of google research and no it was not that bird, but they call this one a Long Tail...haha

Anyway The Captain comes back with the good news that the spreader will be fixed after lunch time, the bad news it's still way to windy for the rigger to go up the mast.
So we are not sure when it will be put back on, there is supposed to be bad weather with thunder storms and heavy rain, so maybe tomorrow may be better, we are getting itchy feet we so want to get going.

After checking emails and stuff I went for a little walk to the local pharmacy, it was so strange walking these little streets with no one around, being so quiet it was a nice peaceful feeling.
That sure went out the window when it was time to go back to the boat, I swear every dingy on the island was tied up where we were and man was the water choppy we managed to get back in the dinghy after a bit of a struggle, but man did we get splashed by cold water a might add, on the way back we were soaked big time.

Well tomorrow is another day.

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