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Sailng on Windwanderer.
No Photos 18th May 2013
Tuesday 13th May 2013

Tuesday 13th May 2013

Well did it rain or what?
We had thunderstorms and rain like you would not believe, and of cause new leaks.
It's got us beat where the hell they come from, we think we work it out seal that spot then another one appears in a completely different area, it frustrates the hell out of me, I tell you.
There is a massive one in our cabin again, and it just poured in all night, I thought I was clever and put some containers around where I knew it leaked which was fine, but this leak was so bad that it just kept over flowing.
We will have to seriously fixed this one, real soon.

So after a very soggy night we come up on deck to access the damage up here and yeah even though we moved all the cushions forward they all managed to get wet as well, I kinda just throw my hands in the air and give up, I really can't do nothing about it at the moment anyway as its still drizzling with rain.

So we check the weather forecast and its still no good for the rigger to go up.
The captain goes ashore by himself again as I just don't want to face the dingy shuffle and the water is still rough and windy and cold.

You know I always felt a bit worried about what I would do all day and would I just drive myself crazy being bored, man did I worry for nothing, you really are busy all day long, sometimes you wonder what with, but the days just fly.

The weather did managed to clear up but still very windy, which I was pleased about as I had everything out on deck that I could to dry out and it dried in no time at all.
I even managed to do some washing, yeah am back with the old bucket, I could just take it all onshore and do it at the laundromat, but I am so over paying so much money to do it.

So here I am facing this damn bucket again, I was kinda hoping that the thing, would have just washed overboard and I would never have to wash clothes again...yeah right.
I also thought that if I kept up to date with it all, it would not be too bad, wishful thinking, with the leak in our cabin last night a lot of clothes got wet, so here I am with a huge bucket load with strict instructions from The Captain not to use too much water yeah yeah, how many times a day do I hear this....haha
To be honest I'm so worried about using too much water I'm never sure the clothes are really clean anyway.

So I get it all washed thinking that he wouldn't know how much water I have actually used cause his not on the boat anyway, but believe me he knows, and of cause we now have a working gauge that he can just press a button and it tells how much is in each tank, even before we had that he would be able to tell, I'm sure he as an inbuilt radar that sets off an alarm when I use too much.

The next problem is I have to tie up the rope we use for a washing line and its still blowing a gale, and I'm thinking, which is dangerous in am I actually going to keep the clothes on the line anyway, as there is no way the pegs alone will hold them.

So I come up with, I will thread the clothes through the line itself, so am fighting wind threading a line through arm holes and legs and so on feeling quiet proud of myself, tie one end securely to a cleat the right way and all. Am learning how to tie boaty knots, then go to lift it up to tie up the other end and the damn thing is so heavy I can't lift it...haha so much for good ideas.
So back to the drawing board take off half the clothes, and start again, at least this time I can lift it to tie the other end but it was still major heavy, and all the time I'm struggling to tie the end with the wind howling and with one foot firmly on the other clothes to stop them flying overboard, I eventually got it all hung up in sections, i sure hope no one was watching my antics, and I was so warn out after it all I needed a nana nap to get over it...haha.

Well tomorrow is another day.

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