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Sailng on Windwanderer.
No Photos 18th May 2013
Wednesday 14th May 2013

Wednesday 14th May 2013

Well today is the day the weather is right for the rigger to get up the mast finally.

We waited till after lunch to ring him, as the Arc Rally boats where leaving and we wanted to watch them race past us out into the ocean, it was fun to watch, they all took off so fast but they all had to slow down once they got to the opening to the ocean as only one boat can go out at a time, it looked like a bit of a waste of effort to me, as they only went about half a mile and had to almost come to a stop anyway, talk about boys and there toys, crazy.

So The Captain rings the rigger and arranges to go pick him up and his friend to come back to the boat and finally fix our last major problem.
This guy we found out today is 78 years old he was up the mast for well over two hours, I swear he is in such good shape you could easily take him for a 65 year old or younger, although he did look warn out when he got down.
But all is now fixed yay, we can finally leave now with the next good weather window.
We will check in the morning and see what the weather is doing, so watch this space.

So the Captain and I are up here on deck enjoying a drink, he is fighting with the new laptop.

Am not sure I mention it but we brought a new one just before we left America for all our navigation stuff, and also The Captain was having dramas with his email passwords, and a virus we think on his old laptop.
So is the new one good, I hear you asking...haha
Nope it's a heap of crap, it has windows 8, and if you are thinking of upgrading to it don't, man it drives us nuts.
Maybe you tech heads can work it out but us old folks have no idea. So so many times I have almost had to restrain The Captain from throwing it over board it's not funny.
He then gives it to me to work it out and I have to tell you it is so tempting to throw it over too.
But we are very slowly getting used to it, well some days anyway, but he is still having problems with passwords almost daily he has to change them and not just emails other sites as well, I have taken to writing them down on a note on my ipad just so I can remember them, as he asked me daily what they are as well....haha

We have the generator running and making hot water as well as the water maker going, it's about time for me to have a shower, so I put one foot on the top step and hear water gushing out somewhere, we both fly down the steps and open the engine door and get hit in the face with water of cause yours truly was in the line of fire, I yell The Captain rushes to turn off the water maker, and the water stops, we both get torches to see what pipe has busted, and can't find it so The Captain goes and turns it on again with instructions to look where it is coming from, I have my head in there torch on ready, he turns it on and yeap face full again, I jumped back so quick I still could not work it out, so I make The Captain do it this time and I turn on the switch, he tells me to only turn it on for no longer than I second.
I was so so tempted to leave it on longer, but thought better of it, man am I getting soft...haha

He finds it straight away and we decide that job can wait till the morning to repair.
I could still have my hot but very quick shower no wasting water, besides even having a quick one still feels good and I am getting quite good at showering fast now.

The Captain decides to have one after me, he comes up with a look on his face at first I thought i may have used all the hot water and am thinking oh no, i'm in trouble again, or worst no water at all, but no the pump that drains the shower water has stop working as well now, man does it ever end.

Well tomorrow is another day.

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