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Sailng on Windwanderer.
No Photos 18th May 2013
Thursday 15th May 2013

Thursday 15th May 2013

Well today is a day of repairs once again, well for The Captain anyway, me i just try and stay out of his way, as sometimes things don't go so well.

It starts with the easy one, the hose repair this goes really well, in no time at all it's fixed and all working great again.
Then onto to the shower pump, he is in the main cabin with the floor up things in pieces for ages, all of a sudden I smell this horrible rotten egg smell, and race down to see what is going on.
The tank under the shower which hold the sump pump is full of rotten smelly water, this tells us that the pump has not been working for awhile now.
Now it's not such a real issue as the water just goes into the bilge, and the bilge pump is working now, but the only problem is we have to have it turned off as there is so much diesel in there from the leaking tanks that we have to wait till we are back out at sea before we can empty them.

So the captain test everything all is working fine so it is has to be the wiring somewhere in the boat, this is way beyond what The Captain can do, so he jumps in the dingy goes down to the local repair yard, who now are of first name bases, I'm sure they are going to name their first born child after him now as we will kept their family feed for the next few years.
The guys is gong to come up tomorrow and have a look.
On his way back I got him to pick up some fish bait for me to do a bit of fishing, have kinda been hanging out a bit to do this.

So he comes back with some bait great, but now I have to almost pull the boat apart to find the fishing gear, I only wanted a hand line as my main rod is rigged up for outside fishing, and I really could not have been bothered to rig up one of the other seven rods, yeah you heard right we have been left with a mountain of fishing gear.
So finally find it all get my squid find what side the sun is on and park myself on the side of the boat, and start fishing, I actually could not care less if I caught anything as its is so nice just sitting looking at this water and letting the world go by.
Well that lasted until I caught my first fish, it was huge and then the hunter in me came out, I was determined to catch more...hahaha
These fish are called Pompano, which is a kinda like a jack, but a lot bigger, they just came out of nowhere and hung around the boat I swear I could of almost caught them in my hands, and some I actually caught with no bait at all, it was crazy stuff, in about 20 minutes I caught nine of them I was having so so much fun.
So then we were not really sure if we could eat them, it took me longer to connect to the Internet to find out then it did to catch them all.
Well you can eat them and they have hardly any scales at all.
So the next thing is how many do we keep, I had them all in a bucket with salt water so they where all still alive, we decided to keep the three largest and throw the rest overboard, they all swan off very happy.

I'm the fish cleaner as well. So I get out there with my new fishing knife and start to cut them up, man it was so blunt I could have chewed through them easier, so go down and get a kitchen knife try it nope no good, go back again get another knife still nothing are you kidding me, by this time I'm yelling out to The Captain that I need help, I wanted him to just cut the heads off and I would do the rest.
Now I know he has not cleaned a huge amount of fish in his life, but to see him getting greener and greener by the minute and muttering about, going back to being a Vegan, was so funny.

There was blood and guts all over the place I really thought he was going to throw up, once the job was done he raced off so quick, am still not sure if he will be able to eat them....hahaha

Once I finished gutting them and cleaning up the mess I decided just to bake them in foil as its less messy and I was in much need of a shower.
The captain then informs me that I can't have one as the sump is kinda in pieces, man I can tell you I was not happy at all.
I had to settle with a sponge bath and I can still smell fish on me. I so can't wait till tomorrow to get it fixed.

After all this I sure hope the fish taste good.

Well tomorrow is another day.

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