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Sailng on Windwanderer.
No Photos 26th May 2013
Sunday 18th May 2013

Sunday 18th May 2013

Well welcome back to the madness, yeap back out in the ocean, man I must be such a crazy person to be talked into this again.

We woke to a really good weather window, with good winds and decided to try and contact our new weather guy and see what he says about leaving today, we know of bad weather on the Caribbean end, but with any luck we should miss it completely, if we get it right.

So this started a flurry of activity, we had good reception for once on the boat, so I thought I would give Dad and Mum a quick call to let them know we were leaving either this afternoon or early tomorrow morning.
The reception was still bad, so we jumped in the dingy, after only half a cup of coffee, bed hair and all, as it was getting past 9.30pm Aussie time, and I know they go to bed early.

Was too late for Mum, she was already in the land of nod, but got to talk to Dad for awhile, which was nice.
Then I rang Bek, woke her up, she was in gaga land...haha
I bet she is still thinking she just dreamt it all, than rang Madd no answer there, and didn't even try Tim, cause He gets up super early for work and knew he would be fast asleep.
So we then come back to the boat, I drink the rest of my coffee, had a bit of breakfast, than the captain wants to go ashore again and ring Chris, the weather guy, and wants me to go with him, so this time at least I get to brush my hair, and off we go again, back to shore Dingy shuffle this time, climb ashore try and ring him, no answer, wait ten minutes try again nope nothing this goes on for awhile, so we send an email, grab a few last minute grocery's and back to the boat we go.

we decide to start to get the boat ready to leave, you may think this is easy, trust me it took almost all day going flat out, man the things you need to do is crazy.
All the time we kept checking emails to see if Chris had sent a reply, the Captain finally tried to ring, and got through, but it dropped out again, so he jumps in the Dingy and back to shore, thank god I didn't have to go this time.

He comes back with quick jump in the dingy we have to go to customs straight away they are going to check us out in the dingy.
Now this is a real no no, they want you to bring your boat to the wharf and sign out that way, this was a major concern for us as trying to tie a thirty tonne boat to a wharf in winds is hard going.
But as luck or their bad luck, when we were coming into shore the second time, a big racing yacht was tied up there trying to check out and was stuck hard, the tied was out, they threw a rope to us and wanted us to try and tow them, so there we were me holding the tow rope The Captain in reverse, three guys on the boat, pushing off the dock, and almost the whole island watching...haha
Naturally that did not work so a guy on the island said to bring the rope over to them and they will pull from the other side, so they throw us a longer rope we drag it across the harbour, worried that a boat is going to come through the middle of it all, and yeah no go, now everyone on shore had their own idea on what to do, in the end we just left them to it, to try and figure it out.
But what it did do was let us go in with our dingy as the poor customs guy sure did not want a repeat performance from this morning...haha

So we clear out pick up our guns and head back to the boat with the orders that we have to leave within the hour, yeah right, three hours later to very exhausted people pull up the anchor and set off, we look at each other and think omg, this is real we are finally doing it.

We motor out of the entrance and are instantly hit with huge waves and rough ocean, are you kidding me, here we go again.

So it's my watch almost 2am

Am sitting here once again getting thrown around, extremely sea sick, I even got out the big guns and took a really strong seasick pill, which worked a bit, the Captain is asleep opposite me, and we are doing this by ourselves yay, are we having fun yet? Nope...hahaha

Well tomorrow is another day.

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