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Sailng on Windwanderer.
No Photos 26th May 2013
Monday 19th May 2013

Monday, 19th May 2013

9am my watch. Day 1

Well after a good sleep but not a long one, but man did I sleep.
And it's daylight, I always have mixed feelings about what I like better.
Night sailing is great as you can't see the waves..haha
But also it makes it easier to spot boats with their lights, you can actually see them from miles away, not that we have seen any yet.
It still amazes me how you can be out here for days and days and see nothing but water.
No wonder people get lost at sea and never ever get found, it just makes me so glad we have all the right navigation gear and safety beacons, and also when you check out from one country, you have to tell then your next port of call and how long you think it will take you to get there.
I hope this is not them just being nosy, I like to think if we don't turn up at the right place around the right time that they would at least try and contact you by your radio if nothing else.
They most likely don't, but hey you never know.

So getting back to night and day.
Day is good for obvious reasons, you can see...hahaha
Not that there is much to see, other than water, but it's nice when you see birds and of cause, the occasional flying fish.

We decided to do three hour watches at night and a bit more relaxed through the day,
So far it has turned into four hour watches, this may be better for us, we will just have to see.
And me yeap still seasick, I hate it, if I go below it takes me a good few hours to get over it.
But the good thing is I know within a day or so, I'll be fine again, just wish I had The Captains tum, he is always fine.

7pm my watch

We are not real good on our watches...haha
But have decided to at least make the night watches a bit more strict.
At the moment The Captain is down below doing the dishes, and I'm up here watching a beautiful sunset, being seasick does come with benefits....haha

I had my first cargo ship go past today, was the most exciting thing that happened all day, life at sea can be boring....haha
I have to entertain myself somehow as I'm too sick to read yet and these post take a long time to write as I have to keep stopping and having a rest.

But as darkness creeps in, we hunt out our jumpers and blankets, as its still a bit chilly at night, and we settle in for the night.

Well tomorrow is another day.

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