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Sailng on Windwanderer.
No Photos 26th May 2013
Tuesday 29th May 2013

Tuesday 29th May 2013

4am My watch, day 2

This one is a killer, after not much sleep, I kinda feel like death.
The Captain is snoring across from me, I so wish I could sleep like him, I swear he falls asleep even before his head hits the pillow.

A lot of my problem was that we have hardly any wind and the boom keeps cashing to one side and makes a hell of a racket, so every time I drifted off to sleep bang it would go again and wake me, The Captain just sleeps through it all.
It's still the same now I have lost count of how many times I have jumped up hit the autopilot 5° starboard 2° port and so on, and nothing we are still hardly moving, at least I can sit without holding on so that's a plus.

I just watched Mother Nature wake up this morning and what a performance she put on.
The colours were amazing from pinks, yellow, to orange. I decided I could not pass this up so I took some videos on my Ipad.
The second set of videos, was like something you could not believe, it looked like a column of light, pulsating inside a orange ball of fire and if you look close it actually looks like a lady, well I think it does anyway.

When The Captain finally come out of the land of nod, I decided to have a walk around deck as it is still very calm seas and sometime in the night, that we both heard something go ping, this was either a bolt or pin that came undone, but so far it's still a mystery, and nothing has fallen apart, yet.

We had a chafe in the mizzen sail which resulted in a mad dash to get it pulled in and secure, that actually happen the first night out, so much for getting it fixed in Bermuda, so we lost the use of that sail straight away, but today being calm The Captain managed to rethread the rope through the boom, it was quite safe, but I was a bit worried when he was hanging off the back of the boat with a grabber thingy trying to get it through a pulley, at the end of the boom.
But all went well and he has just now completed the repair and we have a working sail again..yay

9pm my shift.

We are still not real strict with our shifts, but hey who cares, we are doing it our way, we really are trying to keep the night shifts to 4 hours on and 4 off, daytime is whatever, if one of us is tired, which is almost all the time...hahaha
We just take turns sleeping, but you are in a constant state of almost hangover feeling which sucks.

At the moment we are scooting along at almost 7knots, we have the four sails up and moving well.
We are a bit off coarse as we did not have much wind and without the mizzen it was quite slow, the heading is 180° and we need to get it back down to 150° but you have to very slowly do it sometimes only 1° at a time, or she kicks up such a fuss, man she can turn nasty on you real quick, she flaps her sails, bucks and kicks, so you have to be real sneaky about it.
Once again The Captain is sound asleep snoring, one minute he is talking away than bam in the land of nod.
I'm still a bit sick this is the worst I have been so far I was ok earlier but now the wind has picked up and we are rolling around a fare bit I'm back popping pills again.
But we both managed to get a hot shower and I got to wash my hair so we feel human again, which is nice.

Well tomorrow is another day.

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