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Sailng on Windwanderer.
No Photos 26th May 2013
Wednesday 21st May 2013

Wednesday 21st May 2013

Day 3

Well first I want to wish my nephew a Very Happy Birthday, hope its a good one Troy, xxx
I don't always remember my niece and nephews birthdays and my great niece and nephews god help me I'm shocking, my sisters and brother I'm not too bad,but their husbands and wive well am hopeless there too, but we do have a big family including mum and dad and other half's and kids we have, 45 of us, with one more on the way as far as I know, so yeah I guess I can't remember than all.

So it's 6.30am my shift.
The Captain let me sleep, I bit longer thank god as I was so wasted, I almost got 5 hours this time which was great, but it was interrupted as per usual, some time in the early hours, I was rudely awoken by yet again a noise out of the usual, it's funny all the normal noises you get so used to, and think nothing of them, but as soon as you hear something different you are awake and jump up real quick.
So this one?, wait for it anther break, yeap looks like we can not survive a single 24 hours without something going wrong.
The main sails, rope got a chafe this time, far out so much for repairs again, and of cause the winch to bring it in is right where I was asleep, so I jump up out of the way so The Captain can get it in and under control.
Man I am really starting to think this new roller furling system is garbage, but The Captain keeps saying its just teething problems, and we will sort it all out.

The main problem is we lose a lot of speed, which I kinda like, but the later we get to Sait Maarten, we are going to get hit with bad weather, Chris our weather man has told us to try to get there before Sunday, but it's not looking real good at the moment.

But today is looking very nice not a cloud in the sky, a peaceful ocean, and a nice temp, and the Snoring Captain across from me...hahaha

7.30 pm my shift

Well what started out as a nice day, with calm seas, has turned into a lumpy rough ocean.
Every part of me hurts, I'm so sick of been thrown around, and being slammed up against everything.

Oh and we have been hit by our first mega wave, and when I say mega I mean big big mama, Mega, I was down in the galley getting dinner ready, and The Captain, was in the cock pit, this massive wave hit us side on and went right over the top of us, soaking almost every part of this boat on the way, all I saw was a wall of water, and the look on the poor Captains face.
Lucky for me as 5 minutes before I was sitting right where most of it hit so I was spared a drenching which is always nice.
The Captain changes our coarse some so with any luck it won't happen again.
But it's still rough and I think we are in for a hard night.

Well tomorrow is another day.

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