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Sailng on Windwanderer.
No Photos 26th May 2013
Thursday 22nd May 2013

Thursday 22nd May 2013

4am my watch Day 4

Ok am a bit of a blubbering mess.
We have had a shocking squall, rain wind and rough seas.
The last almost 24 hours has put a strain on both of us, everything is wet, and cold.
Neither of us has had much sleep, although I think I have had more than the Captain.

At the moment we are looking at two huge clouds, that are quite scary, The Captain has played around with the sails, trying to settle down this ship of ours, we also have just switched fuel tanks in ready for starting the engine if things get worse so we can try and out run this storm.
I have a Constant watch on the radar, watching these clouds and am praying that they just pass us without too much damage.


Well daylight is here, although I wish it was still dark, as I'm looking at one angry ocean, I think my tum has finally settled down, why I have no idea, it should be ten times worse at the moment, but I think stress has taken over.
It looks like the rain may have passed by, although there is still a lot of clouds around, I should be trying to start drying out these cushions and stuff, but at the moment I'm too tired and wet to care, besides we have so much salt around, I may just be stuck, to this mattress.


Ok well I can honestly say I don't do storms well, or should I say squalls, just when I thought all was ok, we got hit with this Granddaddy, I'm not so sure I can write about it.
I was a mess and still am a bit, it started again with another Mega wave, which drenched everything that was not wet before, then the wind picked up, than the rain, than all hell broke loose.

The Captain tried to bring in the head sail, in god knows what wind, then things went pear shape from there on, the boat was spinning wildly one minute we where on coarse then we were heading back to Bermuda, next Africa, than Bermuda, I even think I saw Finland at one stage, well it was engine time started that up, The Captain trying desperately to get us back in the right direction, all the while we are getting thrown from one side to the other, things crashing everywhere down below, me on the cockpit floor jammed into the corner, tears rolling down, than look at The Captain, and see fear starting in his eyes, we are not going anywhere, engine running flat out but not moving, there is sails and ropes flying in all directions, we are thinking that maybe a rope has got tangled around the prop,
and the Auto pilot is freaking out, the alarm is going off constantly, finally we get the boat moving, not sure what happened there, and things start to settle down some, The Captain lies down, and two seconds later the wind hits again this time gusting over 30 knots, man here we go again, at the moment we are heading for Cuba, I think we may just fly straight over the top, maybe bounce off South Africa, we can wave to George and Heather as we fly past....and maybe just maybe land in the Pacific Ocean.

Yeah Yeah I know I'm stressed out ok.

Am not so sure where we are headed at the moment, Aut (the autopilots new name) is so freaking confused I think he is going to jump ship and leave us to it.

Well well well, the sun is out, can you believe it, cause we sure as hell can't.
I'm pretty sure we are still in The Atlantic Ocean, just not sure who we will visit next, and we must still be in the Bermuda Triangle, as there is crazy stuff happening here.

Well after almost 6 hours we are heading in the right direction again, Aut is still with us, even though he does look a bit greyer now, I'm sure he is still not sure, about these two crazy Aussies, but so far he has decided to stay on board.

The motor has been turned on and off a fair bit as well, as we have been keeping an eagle eye on the Radar, and dodging storm clouds for well over two hours, but am happy to say I think we might have just made it out the other side, and once again the sun is shining and all the contents of the cockpit are scattered all over the place trying to get as much sun and wind on them to dry them out.

Well tomorrow is another day.

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