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Sailng on Windwanderer.
No Photos 26th May 2013
Friday 23rd May 2013

Friday 23rd May 2013

3am day 5

Is this ever going to let up, I'm am so over it.
We have nothing but rough seas, big wave, rain, dodging rain and wind gusts that you would not believe.
We have almost dried everything out, than a huge wave will hit and yeap everything is wet again, we have been trying at least to keep the rain off, the cushions as much as possible, but it's a pain in the butt, as soon as it looks like rain we jump up, throw the cushions all forward, fold up the mattresses and wait, most times it's a light sprinkle, so back out everything comes again, I've actually lost count
on how many times we have done this in the last 24 hours, I know it's driving me nuts, we seriously need to think about closing in this cockpit, we have thousands of sea miles to go and doing the pillow/ mattress dance over thousands of times is not my idea of fun.

Well am sitting here dripping wet, yeap just had my daily mega wave wash.... :-/
These bastards just sneak up on you, I was minding my own business, lounging back on a bean bag, enjoying the wind, in my hair... Actually I was trying to keep myself awake, and bam, smack in the face. You have to see these waves to believe them, it's like a huge wall of water, as big as the boat, and when they hit man, lets just say I'm wide awake now...haha

It's 8 pm, not sure whose shift, but we are both awake at the moment, we are sitting here cushions and mattress all wet once again, it poured down rain once again, we managed to save a few things from getting wet so at least we have a cushion or two to sit on, I dragged out one of the covers, that help keep the weather out a bit, and The Captain has just put it up on one side, the only problem is we can't see out of it so every now and then we have to get up poke are heads out around it to see if we are getting chased by pirates, or some other craft, not that we see much of them anyway, in 5 days we have seen a total of 3 ships, and it's great excitement when we do...hahaha
Two out of three have shown up on the AIS on the computer so we get to find out there name and all which is always kinda cool.

It is looking like we should hit Sait Maarten, that's the Dutch side of the country and the French side is called St Martin, is strange to have two country's on one little island.
Anyway we should hit there on Sunday, with any luck.

Well tomorrow is another day.

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