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Sailng on Windwanderer.
No Photos 26th May 2013
Saturday 24th May 2013

Saturday 24th May 2013

4am Day 6

Another birthday today, Happy Birthday to my sister in law, Renee, I hope you have a great day. xxx

Well we are still at it, rocking and rolling all over the place, man I'm not sure how much more I can take.

After a train wreak last night in the galley, with me trying to do dishes and clean up, we hit a huge wave and everything went flying including myself.
Two of our favourite bowls broke, and yes they were plastic.

Well things kinda went pear shape, me crying, pirate language, and a bit of a tense moment between The Captain and crew, we have decided that if either of us have to go down below we change the heading of the boat by about 40° and it settles down some.
The only problem is it takes us way off coarse, so we need to do what we have to as quick as possible.

After putting up the awning type thingy to stop the rain last night, well it hasn't rained since...hahaha

But the weather is sure starting to heat up, we are in shorts and t-shirts, and have gone from using two blankets on the bed to just a sheet.
The last two nights I have been busy in the galley, I have been in a lather of sweat, and actually have had cold showers, oh man this brings back memories, so now you are gonna have to put up with me winging about the heat again...haha

It's still looking like we will make it to Sait Maarten on Sunday, we were hoping to get there before than as we have been told we are going to hit bad weather on Sunday but there is not much we can do about that.
I just looked on the nav thingy and after over 1,000 nm we have about 174nm to go, yay
We average about a 130nm a day so that's not to bad for this old girl.


There is great excitement on this boat, we are getting closer to land, are down to 101nm to go.
The bad weather at the other end is looking like it will miss us, so that's a huge relief off our shoulders.
We have both been reading up about the island and it looks like a fun happening place.
The reason we decided to go there is to do the last bit of repairs, haul the boat out to anti foul the bottom, and stock up on provisions, for the long haul home.
And of cause see a few sites as well, we tend not to do too many touristy things as we enjoy seeing the real island a lot better, not what they want you to see.
But if we find some things that are really interesting, we dip into the touristy stuff but only a little.

Well tomorrow is another Day.

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