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Sailng on Windwanderer.
No Photos 28th May 2013
Monday 27th May 2013

Monday 27th May 2013

Well we have woken up to a bit of a cloudy day, which is fine by me, it was so hot yesterday we thought we might just pass out.

I have a lot of cleaning up to do, as once again there is salt everywhere inside and out.
We had so many leaks this trip that almost every locker is wet and salty, that's one thing we are going to try and do while we are here is to fix the leaking port holes, as I really don't want to spend days every time we come into a new country having to clean this boat from head to toe.
We actually slept in the cockpit last night, as all our sheets and bed linen was soaking wet, but also it was a lot cooler up here.

Yesterday afternoon we got in the dingy and went on a wild goose chase to find the customs to check in, on the French side as its a lot cheaper to check in this side than the Dutch, but you than have to anchor on their side as well.
We were advised to where we should go and anchor and find the customs.
Well after what felt like hours going through the area they said to anchor it was like a boat graveyard, it was shocking and smelt bad, we than went up further into town and tied up the dingy in a very third world area, talk about dodgy.
We walked through alleyways, rubbish, filth, homeless you name it, and no one speaking english, but we did managed to find a few little cafes, and a bread shop, and yes from leaving England, so many months ago, we got real bread, we so enjoyed it so so much.
It was getting late and we really did not want to be here after dark, to the fact that two police officers walk past wearing bullet proof vests, that sure made us walk faster...hahaha

So back into the dingy that is now padlocked, and finally made our way back to our boat, with the decision that we don't care how much extra we have to pay we are checking in on The Dutch side and staying there....haha

In all fairness I'm sure and we will find that there is some really nice areas, on the French side, but our first opinion was not good at all.

So today, I have cleaned this boat from top to bottom, and The Captain, has gone ashore, to try and find Customs on the Dutch side, try and see if we can get Internet on the boat, and also find some people who can get this boat fixed for us... This list is long.

Me I finally got the boat back in order, all clean and tidy again, well the inside anyway.
And then it Rained and man did it rain, it poured all afternoon, my once clean boat is now looking like a swimming pool, I have buckets and towels all over the place, and racing back and forth changing towels and emptying buckets.
I thought I was tired before, man I am now exhausted, but at least it's cooler today so that's a plus.

Well tomorrow is another day.

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