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Sailng on Windwanderer.
No Photos 29th May 2013
Tuesday 28th May 2013

Tuesday 28th May 2013

Well Happy Birthday to me...hahaha

I always said I wanted to spend my 50th Birthday, in the Caribbean, well The Captain came through, even if it is a year late...hahaha

So today we are going to the Sunset Bar and grill, this is where all the planes almost land on top of you, I really can't wait...haha

Well we had some errands to run first, surprise surprise.
After a late start we decided to go to the Sunset Bar, for a late lunch.
First we had to take the shroud from the mast into the riggers for them to have a look and see if they can fix it, this place is right next to a bar, called Lagoonies, where a lot of cruisers hangout, you can get free wifi and stuff.
So The Captain and I go ashore order a drink, now get this he had a Apple Juice, and I had a fruit smoothie, as we getting sad or what, actually we are in so need of fresh fruit and veges, that's all we felt like....hahaha

So The Captain goes off to the riggers, I'm here trying to open a web page, they say that cruisers are really laid back, and just go slow with everything, but man does the wifi
Have to be as well, come on, this is driving me nuts.
I give up in the end and just read, The Captain, has also gone off to talk to, a boat yard to see how much and how long it will be for us to haul the boat out and get the Anti-foul done.
So things are going a bit slower than expected, he finally comes back, hours later, and off we go.
Now we have been told that you take the dingy down to a place called, Barnacles,
And tie up there walk to the main road and catch a bus, to the Sunset Bar.

We were a little concerned as the out board motor is playing up again, so we take it real slow, searching for this damn place, mile after mile, and yeap the motor overheated,
So we are stopped in the middle of the harbour, just sitting there bobbing up and down... :-/
the Captain takes off the cover to let it cool down some, and we sit and wait, after awhile its cooled down enough, so starts up again this lasts about five minutes, than it just dies.

Yeap out come the oars, and off we go, man it is hard work rowing who ever said that rowing is fun, need their head red, it's bloody hard work, we eventually get to a wharf tie up there but it so high up, I'm thinking I'll never ever be able to climb up, but hey after the second attempt and almost falling in the water, I made it, and The Captain did as well, we tied up the dingy and went looking for the owners, it happens to be a hertz rental place, well they were not happy with us leaving the dingy there but The Captain used The Face, and all was ok.
The Face, is a long story, but to make it short, when we were on the Island of Lerios in the Med looking at the Very first Boat, the family that adopted us at a local night club, well there teenage daughter, told us that we have a face, that told her we were nice people, so from then on we always use The Face, to get what we want...hahaha

Anyway we finally manage to get a bus, to the Sunset Bar, and guess what the last big plane to land, landed about 15minutes ago...far out.

But we saw a few small ones land and take off, had a meal, than stopped at a market on the way back and had ourselves a nice French Red, a French breadstick and nice Dutch Cheese on deck not a bad way to end the night.
And we will go back to sunset bar another day.

Well tomorrow is another Day.

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