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Sailng on Windwanderer.
No Photos 30th May 2013
Wednesday 29th May 2013

Wednesday 29th May 2013

Well today The Captain goes off early to get the outboard motor fixed, comes back very frustrated, as we were told that it needed a new impeller and a new thermostat so go there tell the guy, they tell him to come back soon, so he comes back they change the impeller but tell him it really didn't need it, they said not to worry about the thermostat as its really hard to get to and they never fail, so they put it back on the dingy, and start it up, and yeap it overheats, another guy looks at it and says there is no water coming out, of the outlet, The Captain tried to tell them this at beginning, so this guy grabs a stick shoves it up the hole, wiggles it around, a whole heap of stuff comes out, that was the problem, so after a fair amount of money a new impeller that we don't need but at least we now have a spare one, all is fixed.

He comes back to the boat to get me, as we need to get to the laundromat, we have a obscene amount of dirty and wet stuff to get clean, the laundromats here charge $1 a pound and they do it themselves, we decided that was going to cost us a fortune, so just the sheets and towels went, I will wash the others In my oh so favourite trusty old Bucket...oh joy....haha

We also wanted to talk to a guy about getting this cockpit waterproof, also get to the Internet place, as we have Internet on the boat now and it was supposed to be wifi but its not, and to find a supermarket.

So off we go, motor working fine, The Captain with a big grin on his face, revving it up and speeding along, and yeap it heats up again, there is no water coming out once more, he fiddles with it and the water starts flowing again and all is well again.
So we have ticked off everything on our list, but we need to bring the boat into the lagoon so the guys can have a look at the rigging and the cockpit.

Now next problem, there is a bridge, that you have to go under to get in there they open it up several times a day to let boats in and out, this comes with a huge price tag, we were thinking we may just go under the radar and go in, but I have spotted cameras on the bridge so, The Captain is going to go ashore in the morning and have a chat and use the face...hahaha
And maybe just maybe work out a deal with them.

Well tomorrow is another day.

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