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Sailng on Windwanderer.
No Photos 6th Jun 2013
Wednesday 5th June 2013

Wednesday 5th June 2013

Well where do I start, what a day, we feel like we have been rung out to dry.

It started with me setting an alarm to be up by six, so I could ring my oldest, we have been trying to get in contact for ages and just kept missing each other.

So I have never set an alarm on my Ipad before, and was so worried it would not go off that I kept waking up to check the time...haha
Anyway I was up way before it went off, and yes I did managed to talk to her, it was so nice but sad, after a teary spot but it just makes me won't to go home so much I miss them way too much, love you guys.

So than we were running, we had to get the boat over to the boat yard to get hauled out, by 8am.

As per usual we had problems getting the anchor up, which made us a bit late, but managed to get over there, well we have never been in this area before only by dingy, and the chart plotter is hopeless, so we were going by markers and the depth sounder, yeap we run aground...far out.

We managed to get off ok only to run aground again, over and over this was getting way out of hand, we had rang the guys and they were all standing at the shore waiting for us.
After god knows how many times, I looked over and they were all sitting down...hahaha

Well the last grounding we were stuck hard, no way were we going anywhere, we rang them again and they decided to get the tow guys, yeap once again we are getting towed off, man we should have shares in the tow boat industry, the amount we have paid these guys over the last 12months we could of at least brought our own tow boat...haha

Now I for one was kinda glad to see them as it meant they would tow us into the shore if you could of seen where they wanted us to reverse in, it was crazy, I'm sure glad I was not the one at the wheel for a change.

Actually it may of been a bit easier as I was running around like crazy trying to get all the fenders tied to the side of the boat.
Once the tow boat got us in close they threw the ropes to the guys onshore and they just pulled us in, but we came in so fast and all hell kinda broke loose and I'm chucking ropes to them and trying so hard not to hit either side, while The Captain was trying so hard to steer it in as well.

So they finally get us all tied up and safe, and we just sit there stressed out of our heads, and wanting to get that stiff drink... Once again it was way to early hahaha.

Awhile goes past and we start looking at each other and saying what now, so we jump ashore, The Captain goes off to find the office and I start taking some photos, as its is the first time we have had the boat out of the water, so we want to record it all.
Another worry is what surprises are in store for us, as we know the way this boat is there will be more things broken or wrong with her.

So we finally get her out of the water, and she is in really good shape, and not much growth at all, so gets a good clean, the captain puts on a new connection for the water maker and all is good to go back in the water.
The one thing that really blew us away, is how big she really is, she reminded me of an ice berg, just a little bit showing on top, and the bulk under water.....haha.
I wanted to go and take some more pics of her going back in the water, but after climbing up on board on a very swaying ladder I decided to stay put, than finally got the courage to go back down, but it was too late, as they had already taken the ladder away.

So we get put back in the water, with no problems, they tell us which way to go out, so we don't run aground again, why they did not tell us as we were coming in I have no idea, ( maybe they have those shares in the tow boat...haha )

And we make it back to our original spot to put down the anchor, once again.
Now if you remember from last time we had a hell of a problem, getting the anchor set with all the weed, well this time was worse.
Talk about stress, no matter how many times, we tried, and going around in circles for so long, me at the helm the Captain at the stern, wrestling with the anchor, and one very close call, with another boat, man I really thought I was going to run straight into it, because she is a heavy boat she takes a long time to turn, and I had to really up the revs to miss the boat, talk about hands shaking.
But after about 8 tries, The Captain will say 3 here...hahaha we finally get it to take and this time I needed the nana nap...haha

Well tomorrow is anther day.

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