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Sailng on Windwanderer.
No Photos 12th Jun 2013
Sunday 9th June 2013

Sunday 9th June 2013

Well we set off early today, so we could get to Sunset Bar, where the planes come in.
We checked the flight tracker, before we left so we knew that a big 747 plane was coming in the morning.
If you remember this was my birthday thing I wanted I do, but by the time we got there on my birthday the big planes had already landed for the day.
You usually only get two of these big mamas a day so you gotta time it right.

So we get there nice and early today, and had to wait well over an hour but it was so worth it, man those guys are big.
I stood behind The Captain and filmed it with my ipad and he took pics on the camera, talk about stressful, you only get one chance as they come in so quick, but as most of you have already seen it on facebook, by now, we were so happy how it turned out, actually to be there and just watch them land is just amazing, we were like little kids...hahaha

So after that we had more stuff to do as we only had the car for one day,
We wanted to find a local markets that we have heard so much about, well after driving for what seemed like hours, we finally came across them, being Sunday there was only two stalls open, we didn't bother stopping, instead we checked out a bit more of the island, then finally stopped at the grocery store to get our finale shopping done, and yeap the store closed about a minute before we got there...far out.

So back to the boat we go, two very tired cruisers, and we will set out very early in the morning to get the food, as the car will be picked up at 10am.

Well tomorrow is another day.

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