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Sailng on Windwanderer.
No Photos 12th Jun 2013
Monday 10th June 2013

Monday 10th June 2013

Well we hit the floor running.
We wanted to listen to Chris the weather guy before we left, as The Captain had sent him an email and he usually answers on his live radio broadcast, we need to see when we can move from here and head for Panama.

So after waiting for ages, we just had to go, off we went finally got to the supermarket, this time it was open...haha
The Captain dropped me off while he raced around to do bits and pieces, than back to the boat.
I then had the big task of sorting out and putting away all the stuff, man it took all day.
We also had the canvas guy come out with the new covers for the second fitting and they are looking good, lets hope it helps keeping the rain out.
It better it cost an arm and a leg...haha

We also have another break down, one of our fridges is not working properly, so after a few phone calls that got us nowhere, The Captain jumps on the radio, talks to the local guy here and within a few hours he is out here.

So after we almost had to dismantle the whole saloon, they finally got the fridge out, well part of the way out and he regas it ,they then decided to move the fan, as it was doing nothing where it was, this fan is supposed to cool the motor down, to make it run more efficiently.

Now The Captain is not only the water nazi, but also the power usage Nazi.
So he was very happy about this, the guy put a new fan on our other fridge as well so The Captain was overjoyed..haha

Did it make the power any better...nope, did it fix the fridge.....nope
So back to the drawing board once again.

Well tomorrow is another day.

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